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The Most Beautifully Manicured Lawns and Landscapes

I usually don’t pay too close attention to what goes into landscaping and maintaining a property–that’s usually my dad’s forté. I can however, appreciate the beautiful final product: a gorgeous, seemingly, endless patch of vibrant and healthy green grass trimmed to perfection. I also have learned to love the specific scent of a fresh cut [...]

What Types of Grass Thrive in the Philadelphia Climate?

The best grasses for growth in Philadelphia are generally cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescues, and Ryegrasses, but there is one warm season grass that fairs very well in Philadelphia – Zoysia.

July 14 / 2013
Author John Banks
Category Philadelphia
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How to Make Your Lawn Look Like a Baseball Outfield

The greatest lawn cutters on the planet earth work at Major League Baseball parks. The outfield grass at these pro stadiums is unbelievable. It glistens in the sun and has those perfect stripes in the grass.