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A Robot that Protects Your Yard from Intruders

PatrolBot Mark II which is a telepresence robot that will deter intruders using gentle deterrence in the form of a light, horn, or water sprayer.

August 29 / 2013

How to Make Your Lawn Look Like a Baseball Outfield

The greatest lawn cutters on the planet earth work at Major League Baseball parks. The outfield grass at these pro stadiums is unbelievable. It glistens in the sun and has those perfect stripes in the grass.

You Really Don’t Know How to Rake Leaves

If you live in a place that actually experiences autumn (not you Southern California) then you’re probably seeing some foliage covering your lawn a little bit at a time. Before you know it, your grass is invisible as the fall season become a literal reality.

October 17 / 2012
Author David Marine
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How to Maintain Your Lawn in the Fall

Labor Day is barely out of sight so why are we talking about fall already? Well before you know it the season will be changing and as any good landscaper will tell you it’s the key time to get your lawn ready for the following spring.

September 08 / 2012

Can Mowing Your Lawn Get You a Better Mortgage?

A trip to Lowes or Home Depot might be in your future if you’re looking to get a better mortgage. FICO has recently announced that they are teaming up with CoreLogic to create a new FICO score. Part of this new score will be based on non-credit factors and use citations for home related failures, like not mowing your lawn or leaving your garbage on the curb too long, to affect your credit score.

August 23 / 2012
Author David Marine
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