Every gray cloud has a silver lining – and for retirees, the recession transformed a number of popular retirement destinations into home buying bargains. U.S. News and World Report recently reported on 10 Cities for Retirement Property Steals, based on price-to-income data for 384 metropolitan statistical areas from Moody’s Analytics. The winners are:

1. Bend, Oregon

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

3. Phoenix, Arizona

4. Napa, California

5. Fayetteville, Arkansas

6. Punta Gorda, Florida

7. Burlington, Vermont

8. Fort Myers, Florida

9. Santa Fe, New Mexico

10. Santa Cruz, California

There’s a lot to be said for these top-notch retirement havens – great weather, abundant golf courses, culture and overall appeal. Robin Rose from Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley confirmed that Napa (which took the No. 4 spot), has even more to offer than its Mediterranean climate, world class restaurants and award-winning wineries.

“In the Napa Valley, the ‘Wine Country’ lifestyle can be relaxed and casual if that’s what you like, or it can be busy and over-flowing with activities, especially those related to food, wine, hospitality, the arts, and sports,” she said. “In recent years, the changes in the real estate market have created affordable opportunities for maturing baby boomers. The Napa Valley offers a range of attractive residential options: condominiums in gated communities on golf courses, single level single family homes in neighborhoods close to shopping, medical offices, and other amenities, and residential communities designed especially for owners aged 55+.”

All of these retirement destinations are also great places to live whether you’re ready to retire or not. I’m torn as to which of these destinations I’d most like to retire to. The home of Ben and Jerry’s has me leaning towards Burlington, Vermont but can it pull me away from the fantastic beaches in Fort Myers, Florida? I guess I have time to decide.

Which of these ten cities would you most want to retire to?