I no longer own a camera. Scratch that. I no longer have just a digital camera in my home. My wife and I both use our iPhones as our primary cameras now. Chances are the smartphone in your pocket, purse or man-purse is used more for photos than anything else. We’re obsessed with pictures, but you’ve probably noticed we’ve stopped printing them.

Photos were made to hang on walls or hand off to friends or flip through books to admire. But let’s be honest. It’s not incredibly easy to print them from your phone and most home printers aren’t that great of quality. That’s why I was amazed at the Impossible Instant Lab.

Sure it’s a bit pricey for only printing photos, but it makes up for it in ease of use and quality. Priced at $299 the Impossible Instant Lab is just that, an instant photo lab in your home. It works seamlessly with your iPhone and believe it or not it’s an analog printer, not digital. That’s what makes the photos looks so amazing. It’s the easiest instant printer of photos since the Polaroid camera. Plus it looks really cool too.

Get more details at The-Impossible-Project.com on how to start instantly printing those family photos that have been stuck on your phone and start filling out those frames in the hallway or on your mantle.