dances with wolves1 The Home Where the Dances With Wolves Oscar ResidesThe Oscars are this Sunday. It’s one of the great TV viewing events of the year. I’m guaranteeing Daniel Day Lewis takes an Oscar home for Lincoln, but there’s another home where a pretty famous Oscar resides.

Dances With Wolves was the Academy Awards darling in 1991 back when Billy Crystal hosted seemingly every year. It picked up 7 Oscars that year including Best Picture and Best Director. Well one of those seven Oscars resides in a home Coldwell Banker listed last year.

In this video from NBC’s LXTV Open House, superstar Coldwell Banker agent, Jade Mills, takes you through an amazing luxury equestrian ranch that has a guest house that’s just as nice as the main house. And it just happens to be the place Jim Wilson, a producer for Dances With Wolves, lets his Oscar call home.

Don’t miss the Coldwell Banker new “We Believe” spot on the Oscars this Sunday at 8 pm EST on ABC.