4 Stunning Homes From Emmy Nominated Shows

Take a look at these award worthy homes featured in “television’s” hottest shows.

Pass by any entertainment blog or website and you’re likely to read that “television” has entered a golden age. Bonafide movie stars and A-List directors are plying their trade in “TV” now – and that coupled with the rise of streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix mean that there has never been more highly produced and “movie-quality” options to watch on your TV (or mobile device). The stories aren’t the only things that have been taken up a notch with the influx of superstar directors – the homes featured in them have all gotten even more detailed, luxurious and captivating.

Evidence of television’s renaissance is no more apparent then in the newest batch of Emmy nominated programs that have a home on a wide variety of platforms. In honor of the the 2015 Emmy Awards, we’ve poured over hours of the best shows of the year and have come up with a few of our favorite homes featured in this year’s nominated crop of programs.

Game of Thrones – The House of Black and White

Season five saw the expansion of the “universe” to places only readers have come to know, like Valyria. But for our money, few homes were as ornate and ideally located than the  “The House of Black and White”. If you can look past the poisonous fountain inside,  one could find quite a bit of charm in this home surrounded by mountain and waterfront views. The great hall is the highlight of the interior, with its enormous columns with candles at the base of it that set an oddly warm and inviting ambiance.

Untitled design


Ray Donovan – Andrew Finney’s Home

As a professional “fixer” working in Los Angeles, Ray is no slouch in the real estate department. With that being said, some of the best looking homes in the series come from the rich and powerful clients he services with his particular “skill set”. The nicest home of the currently running third season is the palatial estate of “Andrew Finney”. The home located in Bel Air was selected by production designers because of the “old, classic style” it possesses. Fans of the show no doubt drool over the “circular drive with fountain and infinity pool overlooking the city, as well as the antique filled living room, with piano, and an entry hall to rival Buckingham Palace.” (1)

Untitled design (1)


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – The Vorhees Home

Kimmy Schmidt shares a tiny two bedroom New York City apartment with an eccentric roommate, but she works for a crazed millionaire named Jacqueline in the upper east or west side of Manhattan. Jacqueline’s enormous multiple story brownstone is located in the heart of the Big Apple, but its sheer size makes you feel like you’re in the country. The highlight of the home is definitely the open concept kitchen, which is bigger than most NYC apartments alone!

Untitled design (2)


Empire – Lucious Lyon’s Estate

The undisputed surprise hit of the year featured Terrence Howard as a “Diddy-like” music mogul diagnosed with a deadly disease, who pits his children against each other to vie for control of the business once he’s gone. As the owner of a music empire, you would expect Lucious to have an MTV Cribs-worthy estate. The European style mansion “features five bedrooms and nine full bathrooms spread over an incredible 20,000 square feet of space! (2)

Untitled design (3)


The Emmy’s air Sunday, September 30th at 8pm EST! There are a slew of award worthy homes featured in nominated shows this year, which of these four are your favorites? What other homes from this year’s crop of nominees do you like?



Game of Thrones images courtesy of: WinterisComing.net / Nextprojection.com / GameofThrones.wikia.com
Ray Donovan images courtesy of: LA Times
Empire images courtesy of: Yahoo!

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  1. Josh
    September 9, 2015

    I like Andrew Finney’s Home. The design is seamless. Additionally, it has just enough pieces for the space area.


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