6 Home Design Trends for 2020

2020 is the best year to pull a dream appeal for your home because many unique styles will come into the picture this year.

The following is a guest post by Jenny B. 


Floral prints, unique window treatments, black and white wall art and many more are evolving in 2020. Well, 2020 is the best year to pull a dream appeal for your home because many unique styles will come into the picture this year. 

So if you are looking to renovate your home design, take a look at the following home design trends for 2020:


  • Vintage Accents

What goes always come around in the home design space. One thing that we are starting to see is traditional, vintage accents, such as spooled leg and spindles. 

You don’t need to go in an entirely vintage style. Instead, adding several vintage accents to your home interior will make your space more inviting. 

Further, when it comes to vintage, there are many styles, and the style you choose depends on your personal taste. For instance, you can have a metal bed frame with intricate details, paired with a feminine chandelier to achieve harmonious decor. 

Similarly, invest in old pitchers and vases to add something practical to your space. You can pull the look simply by having two or several vintage items to decorate your home. 

  • Floral Wallpaper

From the grandmother’s dining room to hotel rooms, you might have noticed floral wallpapers. Well, in 2020, you should expect to see floral wallpapers even more frequently than ever before. 

From pastels and watercolor to graphic statements, floral wallpapers are going to be trendy this year. Moreover, this wallpaper style is a great way to transform your room and bring a pleasant garden setting indoor.

Some of the most popular wallpaper designs are cherry blossoms, bright and whimsical floral animal prints for kids’ room, mural wallpapers, drawing-inspired wallpaper, to name a few.

You can blend classic art and modern design by forming an artistic statement gallery wall for making an effortless statement.

  • Color-Pop Cabinets

Not much into an all-white kitchen? If yes, go for colored cabinets! The trend is to select one or several elements, like your kitchen wall cabinets, kitchen island and base cabinets in bold shades, like green, navy blue, bright yellow and dark red. 

Choose marine blue if you own open kitchen space. This shade will feel more formal as compared to a light color without feeling as moody and dark as black. The coral pink kitchen cabinets will feel like always on vacation. It’s upbeat, quirky and unique without feeling overdone.

Paint your kitchen cabinets with a pale yellow color that feels sunny, fresh and cool throughout the year. Similarly, you can opt for sage green, wine red, blush pink, gold leaf or light taupe, etc., for your kitchen cabinets. 

  • Wall Art

If you are into wall art, you can consider buying line drawings that will make a minimalist statement. Often drawn as black lines on a white background, line drawings make a deep and wonderful visual impact. 

With society’s growing focus on conscious living, earth-friendly inspirations are great. Art pieces inspired by earth tones are making a comeback. People who love nature and environment, earth tone of tree beige, ground brown, grass green and sky blue are the best color choices to make a subtle statement. 

Typographical art prints, including pillows and hanging wall art, are known for making a strong statement. Black and white wall art makes a dramatic statement in monochromatic home design. 

  • Maximalism 

Though most of us are aware of minimalism when it comes to home design, maximalism is a thing. Maximalism home design is about more objects, more texture, more patterns, more colors and everything more. With a carefully curated expert design, you can pull a perfect maximalism home design without compromising good design. 

At the heart of any maximalist home is a bold mix of colors and textures. You can have a brick wall to lend an urban character. An electrifying combination of mismatched seating adds eclectic vibes to your space. You can consider anchoring your living space with a patterned rug that will pull all the earthy and jewel tones throughout your space.

  • Crittall-Style Windows

Crittall-style windows are coming back into the trend to beautify your home. But now these are not just serving as windows and doors, but these can now be used as extensions, room dividers and shower screens. Everyone seems to be obsessed with them because the graphic look of crittall-style windows fit the industrial trend.  So if you are planning to replace or add your old window or door with something more special than average, then look no further crittall-style windows.  The best part is that crittall-style glass easily replaces the hallway wall while adding beauty to your space.  


Whether you are looking for small and affordable ideas or something luxurious and expensive, these home design trends are sure to cover you. Follow these wonderful ideas to decorate your home to shine and stand out in this year. 


Jenny B loves writing and sharing her passion for DIY projects and home decor. She is a wife and mother, pet parent, coffee lover and travel enthusiast. Jenny wants to make the world a better place with beautiful things and creations! https://www.elephantstock.com/

Sam is the Content and Multimedia Specialist for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. He is Jersey born and bred, and currently resides in Weehawken, NJ. He is an avid reader, loves Games of Thrones and is a New York Yankees die-hard.

You can follow him on Twitter @World_Shalom

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