6 Tips for Watering Your Plants While on Vacation

Simple tricks to keep plants hydrated while you’re away

You’ve spent months cultivating your garden and you deserve some time away, but how do you make sure your plants don’t wither while you play?

Here are 6 tips for watering your plants while on vacation:

6. The Weeper Hose – This hose allows a slow drip that penetrates deeper than spot watering. The best part? It’s camouflaged under your mulch!
weeper hose

5. The Plant Nanny – This terra cotta nozzle is the perfect nest for a recycled wine bottle filled with water. The Plant Nanny minds your plants, so you can free your mind!

Plant Nanny for Watering Plants While Away on Vacation

4. The Life Line – An absorbent cord carries water across a tightrope from source to planter.

Ways to water plants while you are on vacation

3. The Water Bottle Barometer – A plain old plastic water bottle and a pair of scissors is all you need to ensure healthy plants before you leave.

2. Use the plastic bag trick – This genius trick turns household items into a water wick.

1.  Hire a garden sitter – When in doubt, ask a neighbor to stop by and give your plants a good watering.


Header Image Source: Flickr

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