Smart House Technology: Digitizing Gardens

Learn how smart house technology and automated watering systems can transform your plants and flowers from garden variety to beautiful and majestic. Know how automated watering systems can help protect plants and conserve water.

Striking the perfect balance between moisture and dryness in your plants’ immediate environment with smart house technology can help guarantee a fruitful garden, no matter the season. Excess watering can create a host of complications, like wilting, rotting roots, and yellowing or browning leaves, that can be difficult to remedy once they present. That’s why investing in smart home technology for your Fort Worth home — especially one which aids in the implementation of a smart watering system for your garden — can protect your foliage and help you conserve water in even the driest of Texas regions.

Plant Prognostications

A major factor in seeing an impressive leafy yield relies on your ability to correctly anticipate the needs of your garden’s plants and flowers. You can take the guesswork out of figuring out how much water your greenery needs by investing in smart watering technology. Smart hubs can regularly access the Internet for local weather history; consider current conditions, including wind speed and sun radiation; and take official forecasts into account before calculating a perfect water plan for your garden.

Manual estimations of this sort can require spreadsheets, charts, almanacs, and maybe even a good fortune teller by your side. A hub, however, can efficiently and expertly come up with a game plan that rivals any under a high school stadium’s Friday night lights. Hubs will even let imminent rainfall take care of your plants’ watering requirements, allowing for a natural conservation of water.

Say Goodbye to Wasted Water

Droughts and local water restrictions can act as speed bumps while on your journey to a lush and healthy garden. Homes that have been equipped with smart house technology that extends to their backyards can turn a basic garden patch into an oasis of domestic vegetation. Some watering technology considers the needs of specific plant species so that you won’t drown their potential for becoming beautiful blooms. An added benefit of this type of technology is that it helps stave off the accumulation of water around your plants and the probability that it will succumb to algae and fungus attacks.

Take Your Backyard Gardening On the Road

Over-zealous gardening is one of the main reasons why excess watering and unintended plant damage occurs. Ironically, downloading a smart garden app onto your phone that provides you with detailed information about weather conditions, your plants, and their watering systems can keep your personal gardening habits in check and vegetation in top form. These apps allow you to literally step away from your garden and allow it to maintain itself through a connected smart sprinkler and other similar systems.

The addition of other smart products in your garden can increase the area covered by this automated technology, giving you the ability to create your own version of the blackland prairies in your backyard. Some technology can even gauge the humidity, air quality, and barometric pressure around your home and compare it to forecasts to ensure the absolute best, most precise and efficient watering schedule possible. Remember that an adequate drainage system provides further protection against overwatering: Consider assessing and remodeling your drainage and runoff points to keep your garden’s ecosystem flowing like the legendary Trinity River.

Image Source: Flickr/PermaCultured


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