Guest Room Ideas: How to Be a Great Philly Host

Close friends or family members are about to descend on your Philly home for a visit. How will you get ready? These tips will help you prepare a comfortable and welcoming guest room for your visitors, no matter how long they plan on staying.

Traveling can put anyone out of sorts, whether they’re flying across the ocean or taking a two-hour car ride to the next state over. If you’re having guests visit you for any length of time, you want to make your house feel like a home to them. While you don’t have to babysit your gusts for the duration of their stay, preparing your home in advance will help their visit go more smoothly. These guest room ideas will help you get ready for visitors, whether your home in Philadelphia has a separate room for guests or not.

Stock Up and Clean Up

If you don’t use your guest room often, or are turning your office or living room into a guest area, start getting ready by making sure you have all the essentials. Wash the spare set of sheets before making up the bed, cot, or sofa for your guest. If your friend will be curling up in a sleeping bag while visiting you, make sure it’s been given a good airing out before use.

The little details make a big difference in terms of your guest’s comfort. Have a towel or two ready for your guest to use. You may also want to offer some toiletries, such as soap and shampoo, in case he or she forgot them. If there’s a window in the room your guest is staying in, check to see how much light seeps through the blinds or curtains in the morning. You might want to hang an extra set of curtains to better block out the light.

A day or two before your guest arrives, give the spare room and other parts of your home a good cleaning. A polite guest probably won’t mention the dust bunnies, but you don’t want to give him or her the chance to do so.

Offer a Snack

When your guest arrives, help him or her bring suitcases and other stuff to the room, and offer a snack or drink, no matter what time it is. You might also consider having a few bottles of water in the guest room, along with a small electric kettle and an assortment of tea, so that he or she can easily have a hot beverage or glass of water whenever. You can also put a few snacks in the room, in case your guest gets hungry after the rest of the house has gone to bed.

A Personal Touch

A few guest room ideas will help your visitors really feel welcome in your home. Write up a greeting card for your guest and place it on the pillow. Include essential information in the card, such as the password for your WiFi network and any important phone numbers. Try to make the space feel homey for your visitor by setting things you know he or she likes by the bed, such as a few books or magazines, flowers, or even some locally made chocolates.

While you’re probably going to be spending some time with your guests during their stay, they might have some downtime to explore the city on their own. Make up a list of recommended places for them to visit during their stay, such as Reading Terminal Market or the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and include directions to those places from your home.

It’s the little things that make a guest feel welcome in your home. Paying attention to your guest’s needs and making sure he or she is comfortable will help him or her enjoy a visit to Philly that much more.


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