Affordable Furnishings for the Discerning New Yorker

Furnishings that look good and are affordable are the goal of most savvy New Yorkers. While Ikea is the go-to choice, there ARE other options out there. The following is a small sampling of NYC furniture shops that are a great alternative to Ikea.

When it comes to furnishings for their homes, most New Yorkers are looking for quality, aesthetics, and affordability. Ikea, the Swedish superstore, usually wins out, if for no other reason than sheer convenience. It’s easy to head out to the Brooklyn store, search the giant warehouse shelves for what you need, and have everything delivered to your home. The upside is that you get cheap, reliable items that look good in any setting. The downside is that all your friends have the same furnishings in their own homes, a fact that’s an affront to your good taste! If only there were furniture stores that offered stunning, unique furniture at great prices. Surprise — there are! Read on.

57 East 11th Street
New York, NY

If a trio of Indian, Malaysian, and Indonesian furniture stores gave birth in downtown Manhattan, the resulting gorgeous baby would be the Nadeau furniture store in the Village. Add in the fact that the store sells pieces that are not only beautiful and well-made but also affordable, and you’ll feel as if you’ve entered furniture Nirvana. Gorgeous teak benches for under $500? A beautiful abstract coffee table cut directly from a tree and polished to a burnished glow, all for less than $300? You’ll find all this and more here. Nadeau sources the furniture from vendors around the world. Each piece is handmade, so you won’t find multiple copies of your bookshelf in your friends’ homes. Nadeau, which has stores in major cities around the country, is the perfect store for people looking for affordable beauty and global designs in the city. Follow Nadeau NYC on social media to stay abreast of new shipments that arrive at the store on a regular basis.

143 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY

RePOP is the place to go when you’re looking for a high-end, mid-century modern look, but you don’t want to pay high-end, mid-century modern prices. Boasting a high-end thrift shop vibe, this is the place to go when you’re looking for gorgeous furnishings that look like you paid hundreds and even thousands more than you did for them. You can score a stunning mid-century executive loveseat for no more than $600. Stunning credenzas that look like they came right out of Don Draper’s living room can be had for $600. Vintage road signs, cool lighting, and unique accessories round out the items you can find here. The best part is that every piece looks like you spent every weekend visiting high-end estate sales.

Peace and Riot
492 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

The quick ride on the A train will be worth it in order to get to Peace and Riot, the designers’ favorite located in trendsetting Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. Owned by couple Achuziam Maha-Sanchez and Lionel Sanchez, this beautiful store is tucked into the array of art galleries, restaurants, and 19th-century brownstones that color the neighborhood. Choose colorful Dutch armchairs for $200, or give your baby a true NYC kids’ bedroom with some of the hip children’s furniture the shop offers. Accessories are the stars of the stores, with colorful pillows, metal filigree bowls, and vintage serving trays just waiting to give your home that unique look you love.


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