Creative and Innovative Decorating Ideas to Beautify Your New York City Home


New York City is the place to discover inventive decorating ideas to beautify and adorn the living space. Furnishing a New York City home can be exciting when living in the center of the style world. Apply these refreshing ideas to decorate your home.


New York City is the place to discover inventive decorating ideas to beautify and adorn the living space. Furnishing a New York City home can be exciting living in the center of the style world. By reusing and repurposing, you can apply lovely, refreshing ideas to decorate and revamp your decor, while also having fun shopping and hunting for exciting finds.

Renew with Paint

Simply by taking an old worn-out piece of furniture and painting it can revive it to create a totally new decor. Decorating ideas using paint can be as simple as painting a worn wood chest in sleek black and adding new hardware to give it a contemporary look. Dressers can be painted and repurposed for use in the living room as a media center, or add a granite top and place it in the kitchen as a center island. Add an exciting mural or faux effect to turn an old piece of furniture into a work of art.

Reupholster to Update

Instead of tossing out a treasured but tattered antique sofa or chair, you can have it reupholstered. Consider transforming a Victorian sofa into transitional furnishing by painting the wood frame in a hot glossy color, black, or metallic and then upholstering it in a contemporary fabric.

Turn Fashion Into Decor

So that old leather skirt doesn’t fit your bod anymore. Instead of tossing it out, cut the skirt up and turn it into upholstery for a framed chair seat or accent pillows for the couch. An old fur coat can be transformed into a beautiful throw to accent a sofa or bed, or be used to make pillows. Jeans can be used as fun patched together upholstery, window coverings, and even used to craft a rug. Even old leather belts can be given new life as draw pulls and even crafted together to make a new rug.

Shopping for Fun Finds

In the city that is known for being creative with glam and unique style there are amazing stores where you can discover vintage finds to use for a new decor. Mix these in with your existing decor to create a totally new look. Check out these three cool stores to shop at in the Big Apple:

  1. Everything Goes Thrift & Vintage: Take a trip on the ferry to Staten Island to enjoy a day of visiting Everything Goes Thrift & Vintage in their 10,000-square-foot showroom. The store restocks twice a week so there will always be something new to discover from antiques to contemporary finds.
  2. RePOP Vintage Furnishings & Oddities: Discover everything from modern furnishings by famed designers to interesting accessories at RePOP Vintage Furnishings & Oddities. Just one item from this store can add a truly special statement to a revamped decor.
  3. Furnish Green: By purchasing wonderful pre-owned furnishings you are also being eco friendly. That is what Furnish Green reminds you of with their simple name. Discover wonderful decor dating back to the 1800s at this store that promotes sustainable living.

Whether you are bored with your decor, moving into a new home, or your furnishings are aged and worn, there are many refreshing ideas to decorate without using new store-bought furnishings. By reusing items in a new applications, as well as sifting through Grandma’s attic, yard sales, and pre-owned furniture shops, you can create a beautiful new decor by repurposing and reusing.


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