Articles by Gustavo Gonzalez

Marc Castillo on the Power of Global Reach

"...when I show them what Coldwell Banker can offer in terms of the international marketing and global reach that it helps me not only get the listing - it helps me sell the listing."

The Pujals Team on How Coldwell Banker Supports...

"We could not accomplish what we get to accomplish if it wasn't for the strong brand, trust and integrity of Coldwell Banker."

4 Ways to Help Make Moving with Kids Easier

No one likes to move and that includes kids! These 4 things to keep in mind should help make the transition to a new home and neighborhood easier for the entire family.

Green Your Grilling for Guilt-Free Backyard...

Here's how to "green" your average barbecue for an outdoor shindig that’s fun and Earth-conscious!

How To Pack a Home Entertainment System

And, shockingly place them back in working order.

Miami Luxury Real Estate Market Heating Up

A look at why Miami's housing and building market continues to boom.
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