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What’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to update a room? You guessed it – window treatments.

What’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to update a room? You guessed it – window treatments. Gone are the days of heavy, dark, drab curtains. Instead, you can refresh just about any space with a variety of modern options to fit every style and budget.

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Whether you’re creating a home office space, looking to be more eco-friendly or moving into a new home and want to add your own personal touches, window treatments can make all the difference.
If energy efficiency is on your list, you have many options to choose from. High-tech cellular shades offer temperature control capabilities in a variety of innovative designs. Roller shades have a modern, minimal look and provide UV ray protection while allowing ample natural light in. Blinds have also come a long way, now designed with modern patterns, textures and materials to enhance any space.

 Bring on the Drama
If you’re ready to breathe new life into a room and add a little drama, consider luxurious curtains. Depending on how much light you want, a sophisticated, patterned drape can set the mood and make a bold statement.

By introducing a pop of color, like a bold orange or deep red, you can give your space a dramatic new look. Not into vibrant tones? White window treatments can be just as impactful. Layer white shades with a gauzy curtain to create a romantic and whimsical feel. You could also inject a little boho chic into a room by pairing classic woven or bamboo shades with patterned drapery. Whatever you choose, curtains can easily give your home a whole new look in a matter of minutes.

 Smart Tech
Who would’ve thought that you’d be able to open and close your curtains with the touch of a button? Say hello to smart windows, which let you control your blinds, curtains or shades through either a remote control or handy app. You can easily set up a schedule or use the setting to adjust your window treatments without even having to leave your comfy couch.

Giving your interiors a fresh new look is easier than ever by simply by changing out your window treatments. Whether you’re creating a space that’s soft and serene or bright and bold, these ideas should help set you off on the right path.




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