Bathroom Storage Hacks to Keep the Most Used Room in the House Clean and Tidy

The bathroom is probably the most used room in your house, especially if you’ve only got one bathroom for three or more people. Keep the room from becoming a mess of half-empty bottles and towels by getting creative about storage.

You like to think of the single bathroom in your Philadelphia home as a relaxing oasis — a place you can hide away in and wash away the stresses of the day. There’s just one problem: Every time you step into your bath or shower, you feel certain that the pile of shampoo and shower gel bottles is going topple down on you. Or, you’re concerned about the pile of damp towels in the corner or about your kids getting into the medicine cabinet. A few bathroom storage hacks will turn a cluttered, commonly used space into a peaceful place everyone in your household can use and enjoy.

Towel Ladder

Encourage everyone in your home to get in the habit of hanging up their towels to dry by making it as easy as possible to do so. A decorative ladder, leaned up against the wall, makes an ideal towel rod for a multi-person household. Shorter and smaller members of your household can hang their towels over the lower rungs, while taller people can reach for the upper rungs.

If you can’t find a ladder you like or want a more secure option for your bathroom storage hacks, invest in three wall-mounted towel rods. Place one of the rods on the wall or door at a height that’s easy for younger or shorter people to reach, then place the remaining two rods above the lowest one.

Hang an Extra Shower Rod

Are two shower rods better than one? Yes, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add extra storage to your bath area. Hang the second rod on the inside of the bathtub. Add a few shower curtain hooks or rings to it. But, instead of using those hooks to hang another curtain, use them to hang baskets for storing shower supplies or for hanging up loofahs or washcloths to dry.

Stash Toiletries in a Shoe Organizer

Do you have a lot of personal care products or toiletries? Use an over-the-door shoe organizer, with pockets for each shoe, to keep your personal care items neat and tidy. Place one product in each pocket, so that it’s easy to see what you have or what you are low on, and it’s easy to grab an item when you need to use it. Since shoe organizers tend to have a lot of pockets, there will be plenty of space for many shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, and moisturizers.

Keep Medicines Safe

Plenty of people keep their medications in the bathroom and wonder how to keep those medicines out of the hands of young kids. As it turns out, the bathroom is not the best place to keep medicines, since it tends to be warm and humid. Moisture and heat are likely to damage a variety of medicines, making them less effective, as the National Institutes of Health points out.

So, instead of making room in your bathroom for meds, find a new place to store them. A top shelf in a hall closet can be a good spot. Just make sure to get a child-proof box with a lock, to keep curious kids or teens from getting their hands on any medicines.

You’d love to have an extra bathroom in your Philadelphia home. But, that’s easier said than done. A few simple storage hacks might not give you a second bathroom, but they can make it feel as though fewer people are sharing the space.


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