Four Shoe Organizing Ideas

Whether you’re a minimalist when it comes to shoes, or have a pair for very occasion, you need somewhere to store them in your Philadelphia home. Tidy up your space and keep your shoes in order with one or more of these shoe organizing ideas.

Dresses, jackets, and shirts get hung up in the closet; jeans, sweaters, and T-shirts get folded up in a dresser. But, where are you supposed to store your shoes? Keeping your shoe collection in order can be particularly challenging, as you need to keep track of not one, but two shoes, for each pair you own. Giving your shoes a dedicated spot will help you keep your collection under control, whether you have three pairs or 30 pairs of shoes. Give one or more of these shoe organizing ideas a try.

On the Wall

If you’re able to drill into the walls of your Philadelphia home and you own a number of high heeled shoes, one way to store them, organize them, and display them is to attach a length of crown molding to the wall, then hook the heels of the shoes over the ledge. You can do something similar by attaching a single rod towel to the wall, if you prefer a more industrial look.

Put the molding or towel rod in an out-of-the-way spot, such as in the back of your closet or high up on a closet wall, if you’re storing out-of-season shoes. For in-season shoes, put the rod or molding in a spot that makes it easy to grab your shoes in the morning, and perhaps more importantly, put them away in the evening. Right by your front door might be an option, or next to your dresser in the bedroom.

On a Bookcase

Do you ever joke that you have a library’s worth of shoes? One of the simplest shoe organizing ideas is to line your collection up on a bookcase. You can put the bookcase in your bedroom or tuck it into a closet if you have the space. To make the bookcase more visually appealing, arrange your shoes by color and style. For example, line up your boot collection on the bottom shelf of the bookcase and put your flats or oxfords on the upper shelves.

Your bookcase full of shoes can also do double duty, if you live in a studio or are looking for a way to divide up a large room. Use the Kallax shelving unit from Ikea as a room divider and shoe organizer. Put one pair of shoes in each of the cubbies to display your collection.

In Boxes

If you have a few spare shelves in your closet and a number of out-of-season shoes, boxes might be the best way to store your collection. Clear shoe boxes make it easy to see which pair is where, while protecting them from dust. A clear shoe bin, such as this one from the Container Store, lets you store your shoes on the floor of the closet or even out in the open in your bedroom.

On a Rack

A shoe rack that holds about six pairs of shoes can be the best option for organizing your pairs if you have a small collection and if you’re the type to put your shoes on right before you head out the door. Put the rack near your entryway so that you can neatly put away your shoes when you get home and put them back on before leaving again. If multiple people live in your home, and you have the space, dedicate one shoe rack to each person.

When you organize your shoes, you’ll never have to worry about orphaned pairs again. Plus, you’ll be able to get of the door quickly and without wondering whatever happened to your shoes.


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