Three Home Selling Process Tips

Learn how you can improve the home selling process and make a potential, lucrative sale go as smoothly as possible. Find out how to convince buyers to purchase your home over other attractive properties on the market.

For DFW homeowners who are excited to move out of their houses and move on to new painted sky horizons, selling their old abodes can be a true test of patience and grit. Fortunately, adopting a few hospitable strategies can simplify the home selling process and make buyers gravitate to your open listing over all others.

Invite Buyers to Investigate Every Nook and Cranny

Allow your buyers to take their time while they assess your home for their lifestyle and needs. Remember that your property is being sized up as the potential center of buyers’ lives for years to come. Allow them the space and freedom to determine if it’s a right fit. While it can be tempting to play the numbers game and show your home to as many buyers as possible on any given day, don’t overbook. Buyers may assume that you’re desperately trying to get rid of your home for an undisclosed reason.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to have inspection documentation ready for potential buyers to peruse. You’ll increase your chances for a sale if you can prove that your home is safe and free from deal-breakers like chronic pests. If an issue presents during an open house showing that would keep a buyer from purchasing your home, consider addressing it and even putting the particulars of a remedy in your selling agreement.

Be Open to Contingencies

Any potential buyer of a home will want to ensure that their purchase is as perfect as possible. Should a buyer be open to purchasing your home, but still has a few reservations, consider compromising and putting it in writing. Allow buyers to provide an offer with contingencies and do your best to remove them by agreed upon deadlines to allay their concerns. Practice full disclosure: Be open and honest about the peaks and valleys of your home so that buyers will feel comfortable with the idea of an eventual purchase.

Remain Involved Until the Closing

While many homeowners aren’t involved in every step of the home selling process, taking an active role in passing the torch to the new owners may streamline their major purchase. Consider making yourself personally available to answer any questions that buyers may have about your home: Put minds at ease by offering clear and punctual communication. Show up to the closing with the appropriate paperwork, including utility readings. This extra effort can be an especially attractive selling point for first-time buyers who may be on the fence about your home’s version of domestic bliss.


Samantha Gonzales is a copywriter specializing in marketing, business, and educational publishing.

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  1. Dava Behrens
    July 23, 2016

    Nicely written. It’s easy to forget that at the center of the transaction are people, trying to live their very real lives… There may be some minor differences due to the way closings are conducted region by region, but overall a good insight.

  2. Shad Morris
    September 23, 2016

    We were thinking about selling our house in the future, and didn’t know anything about the process. It’s interesting that you should allow your buyers to take their time while they assess your home. I’m sure they would appreciate the time to check everything out, and be able to find things that you may not have noticed.


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