Bay Window Designs to Make the Most of Your Space


Do you have a bay window in your Philadelphia home? It can seem tricky to style, but you have a number of options for making the most use of the space, from creating a small work area to using it as a dining spot.


A bay window might make your Philadelphia home look more interesting from the outside, but inside, you’re a bit unsure of what to do with the space. You appreciate the great light that comes in through the windows and the extra bit of square footage you get from the window area slightly extending from the house, but you’re also concerned about wasting the space and the light. A few bay window designs help you make the most of your windows and the extra space they provide.

Create an Office Area

Whether it’s in the main living area of your home or upstairs in a bedroom, a bay window can be the perfect spot for a small home office. Hang Roman blinds in each of the windows, so that you can easily adjust the amount of light that comes in, and place a small desk and chair in front of the center window, facing outwards. That way, you’re able to look out towards the city and enjoy the view during the workday. To create a streamlined home office, build your desk into the space created by the bay window, so that your office area becomes part of the design of the house.

Turn It Into a Dining Spot

A bay window by the kitchen area can be a great breakfast or dining nook. If you want, you can hire a local, licensed contractor to build a curved bench just beneath the windows. Place a round table in front of the bench to create a built-in spot for dining. To create a less permanent dining spot, simply place a dining table and set of chairs in front of the windows. To make the area look particularly dramatic and elegant, hang long drapes from the windows.

Create a Space for Conversation

The little nook created by a bay window can be a great spot for kicking back with a book or having a quiet chat with a visiting friend. Hang long, sheer curtains in front of the windows to filter out some sunlight. Find two comfortable armchairs and place them at a slight angle to each other, in front of the windows. Put a small side or end table between the chairs to hold a lamp, books, and glassware.

Add Storage and Seating

A classic way to make the most of a bay window is to build a window seat into it. You can do the project yourself, or hire a contractor if you’re not handy. Get the most out of the window seat by building storage, in the form of exposed shelving or drawers, into the bench. Top the bench off with pillows to make it a comfortable spot for relaxing and enjoying a view of the Philly skyline.

Bay window designs let you take advantage of an architectural detail that might be unique to your home. Pick a design or concept that works best with your lifestyle and activities, whether it’s carving out a space for dinner parties or giving yourself a sunny spot to work.


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