Cable Service Utilities in NYC: Know Your Options

One of the most important utilities for most New Yorkers is cable. Cable companies provide the connection to their favorite shows, blazing-fast Internet, and even home phone service. These services can be costly, so choosing the right plan is key.

Cable service tends to be like other utilities: You have to go with what’s offered to you. And in NYC, the cable or satellite service available to you depends on where you live. While you may have loved the crisp picture that allowed you to see every pore on Don Draper’s chiseled face when you watched Mad Men on your best friend’s Verizon FiOS service, you’re out of luck if that service isn’t offered in your area.

In NYC, the three main cable service providers are Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and Cablevision. Verizon is currently avaiable in all five boroughs. Time Warner Cable services Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, and some areas of Brooklyn. Cablevision only provides service to residents of Brooklyn and the Bronx — so if you’re a Manhattan resident, those ads the company runs hawking amazing bundle deals will mean nothing to you.

Many New Yorkers complain that there aren’t enough choices when it comes to cable service. But while you may not have a ton of options when it comes to choosing which cable service to go with, you do have choices when it comes to deciding what your cable package will look like.

Bundle Your Plans Wisely

Cable companies generally offer cable service, home phone service, and Internet. If you’re a person who’s going to be using all three, speak to a rep about bundle offers. By choosing a plan where your services are bundled together, you may be able to experience significant savings. Look over the advertised plans, and if none of them appeal to you, it can’t hurt to call the company and ask about getting an even better deal.

Buy Only What You Need

In the past, you needed to buy cable even if you only wanted Internet. People who had no use for cable services were very frustrated because they felt they were being forced to pay for services that they would never use and didn’t want. Now, you can choose internet-only plans from companies like Time Warner Cable.

Skip Cable Entirely

The à la carte approach is also a great option for people who are interested in forgoing cable TV altogether. Many people are deciding to “cut the cord” when it comes to cable. Thanks to video-streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, people are able to watch all the programming they want without having to sign up for expensive cable plans. Sports lovers, meanwhile, can watch live sports coverage through services like MLB.TV Premium and NBA League Pass.

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