Children’s Bilingual Activities in NYC

With so many bilingual activities in New York City, kids can truly appreciate learning about world cultures right outside their doorsteps. The Big Apple is known for the many people from around the globe who call this great city home.

With so many bilingual activities in New York City, kids can truly appreciate learning about world cultures right outside their doorsteps. The Big Apple is known for the many people from around the globe who have come together to live and share this amazing city. Playing home to the United Nations makes New York City the perfect place for people to open their minds to learning about and appreciating others’ lifestyles and ethnicities. With bilingual activities offerings geared just for children, young ones have the opportunity to enrich their lives by learning about the world cultures that have made NYC their home.

The Language and Laughter Studio

In a world filled with so much strife how wonderful to use laughter as a universal language to teach kids about different cultures. NYC is all about having fun while learning. The Boerum Hill, Brooklyn–based Language and Laughter Studio is a multicultural, French language center with a viewpoint that nurturing and supporting children will encourage exploration. Through academics, interactive activities, and theatrical after-school classes, LLS strives to enable children to grow to their fullest potential while having fun. As stated by LLS, “Learning language is not just about speaking, but about connecting to the cultures and traditions they come from.”


The melting pot that makes up New York City is filled with cultures from around the world. With the huge array of ethnicities that make up the Big Apple, German is often overlooked. Kinderhaus in Park Slope, Brooklyn, prides itself as “The German Immersion School of New York.” For those seeking to have their young ones learn the rich history of the German language and culture, this is the go-to destination. Kinderhaus offers a wonderful after school program in which children from age two to eight are invited to have fun while honing their German language skills. Every day offers a different activity for learning the German culture. Contemporary art on Monday leads to a German reading, writing, and European children’s literature workshop on Tuesday. More fun with music and movement on Wednesday and outdoor science and experiments on Thursday. Children get to finish their week on Friday with nutrition and cooking, as well as a German reading and writing class.

Trilok Fusion Arts

The beauty of art has a way of uniting all. New York City is filled with a plethora of cultural activities centered on the arts with amazing museums, concerts, and events. Trilok Fusion Arts aims to bring ethnic backgrounds together in order to teach children about different world cultures. Artists who hail from countries around the world teach children in summer and after school programs. The after school classes including Indian classical dance, African drumming, cooking, weaving, piano, and language classes — all are aimed for ages two to 15. Not to leave grownups out of the learning fun, the center offers Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam) classes for adults throughout the year as well. By encouraging children to participate they not only learn about the arts but also learn to appreciate the many cultures that have built our society and make up NYC.


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