Dallas Festivals: 5 Interesting Events in May

Learn about popular festivals in Dallas that offer unique musical experiences. Find out how these festivals can provide you with art, culture, and fun that can’t be found anywhere else. Learn how to actively participate in these showcases.

During spring, Dallas festivals are known for their ubiquity and the exceptional talent that they promote. While many festivals feature standard band line-ups and festival activities, others are known for their more unique showcases and individual culture. So step on out of the house and visit any one of the below festivals to experience Dallas music like you never have before.

All-Texas Jamboree

Many music festivals coming to Dallas boast of their goal to showcase the very best in national bands. The HomeGrown Music and Arts Festival, however, features the greatest musical acts that you can find playing in your own back yard. As Dallas’ first truly local music festival, 12 bands share two main stages at this event, guaranteeing that each band from the Lone Star State gets its very own crack at star treatment.

Connecting Through Music

Some Dallas festivals provide the opportunity to connect with different social groups. Celebrations like the Dallas Outdoor Music and Art Festival run side by side or in conjunction with other events like the Trinity River Wind Festival. Find festivals that work in conjunction with other events to vary your experiences and expand your horizons.

Natural Music

Combine your love of music with your appreciation of nature at the Suburbia Music Festival. While several music festivals can take place in concrete jungles, this festival will allow you to take in the beautiful rustic scenery of Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve while relaxing and enjoying some tunes. The mesmerizing atmosphere is as much of a draw as the artists and their memorable songs.

Cool Contests and Competitions

Certain Dallas festivals thrive on good-natured competition and contests. The Wildflower! Art and Music Festival features Battle of the Bands, Budding Talent, Student Art, and Songwriting contests. Get in on the action by entering any one of these competitions and make your visit to the festival one to remember. Take home a trophy or blue ribbon to earn bragging rights as big as the state.

Burgeoning Talent

Watching hit bands can be a great way to pass the time under the Dallas sky. For something a little new, consider attending the “Texas 10 Under 20” show at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. There, you’re sure to find the future of music, as only bands with members younger than 20 years of age are allowed to perform. If you pride yourself on discovering new talent before anyone else, this showcase is surely the place to be.

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