Dallas Home Buyer Guide to Neighborhoods

Learn which neighborhoods appeal best to your lifestyle, budget, and personal circumstances. Find out which areas have high costs of living and the most impressive safety ratings in the city. Know how to choose between two similar neighborhoods.

After deciding that you want to make the move to the Big D, you’ll soon find that you’ll have your choices of neighborhoods to call home. Below are some of the neighborhoods that have wonderfully unique ambiances and lifestyles that attract people from around the country. These enclaves can turn the average tourist to a Dallas home buyer.

Farmers Market District

Get back to basics by setting up your home in the Farmers Market District. Surprisingly amenity-rich, the Farmers Market District offers all that’s required for modern living against a backdrop of organic goodness. Though the cost of living can be high and homes can be 69 percent more expensive than other areas in Dallas, the safety of the neighborhood remains a huge selling point for the new Dallas home buyer. Be aware that a common — and ironic — complaint from new residents is an absence of free and open green space.

Deep Ellum

Express your creativity and surround yourself with inspiring sights by living in Deep Ellum. The visual and performing arts hold a special place in residents’ hearts and you won’t have to look far for a comedy show, live theater, art gallery, or a live music. Though there’s been a recent push to upgrade the neighborhood through new residential developments, many of the nicer homes in Deep Ellum are lofts and apartments. While crime is currently on a downswing, certain corners of Deep Ellum have earned their reputations for being live wire and loose cannon hangouts.


Uptown is a hotbed of activity and can be a perfect choice for professional movers and shakers. Young first-time home buyers may be especially attracted to the amount of activities and social interaction available in this bustling area. This neighborhood sees a significant reduction of crime every year, reassuring residents of its safeness. Since Uptown is considered upscale, it can be an expensive choice for a Dallas home buyer who is looking to save as much money as possible.

Highland Park

A little north of Dallas sits the famous Highland Park. Rich in lush parks, it’s the perfect place for new home buyers who want to invest large sums of money into their first homes and enjoy beautiful surroundings. Many of the homes in this area are historical or are of the luxury variety and boast a corresponding hefty price tag. The schools, however, rank as some of the best in Texas and shopping fanatics won’t want for luxury goods in this area.


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