Easy Kitchen Improvements to Spruce Up Your Space

Do you dread entering your kitchen, because it’s just a boring space to prepare meals or spend time? Do you avoid showing off your cook space to visiting friends and relatives? Luckily, you can implement a few easy kitchen improvements.

Do you dread entering your kitchen, because it’s just a boring space to prepare meals or spend time? Do you avoid showing off your cook space to visiting friends and relatives because it just doesn’t seem as nice as the rest of your home? Luckily, you can implement a few easy kitchen improvements to take the space from blah to beautiful by spending only a bit of money and a bit more time.

Paint It Out

The absolute easiest way to spruce up your kitchen is through paint. Many homebuilders stick to bland and neutral colors through houses. While neutrals blend with all types of decor, they can also easily grow dingy over time, turning bright white walls into unattractive messes. Grab a gallon of your favorite color and instantly boost your kitchen’s appeal. Consider using a color that contrasts nicely with your existing kitchen decorations or pops against your floor and counter colors.

Keep Painting

Builder-grade cabinets get the job done but aren’t the most fun to look at. Replacing all of your cabinets can be quite expensive, however. Instead, use paint to give the appearance of having all new cabinets. While white was once the most popular and primarily used color for cabinets, the past decade has brought with it a proclivity for cabinets that range in hues from sedate blacks to muted blues, greens, and yellows.

Butcher Your Island

Do you have an island or central food prep space in your kitchen? Consider swapping out your existing countertop with butcher block wood. Not only does a butcher block counter add a point of focal interest to your cooking space, it also is easier to work directly on than other types of counters. Sealed butcher block counters can also more easily absorb heat when you place cooking utensils on them directly from your stove or oven.

Finishing Touches

You can easily add the perfect finishing touches to your kitchen improvements project through cabinet and drawer pulls, light fixture upgrades, replaced switch plates, and even new faucet fixtures. Consider making all of these finishing touch changes at once to pull together the room’s overall appearance with one neat and eye-popping common thread. Popular finishes include rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

It makes sense to spend time and a little money upgrading a space where you and your loved one will spend significant time cooking and eating. With just a few strategic changes, your kitchen can become one of your favorite rooms in your house and a space you can easily imagine working in and inviting guests into.

Image Source: Flickr/Nancy Hugo, CKD


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