Eco-Friendly Decor for Your Deck Can Be Budget-Friendly Too

Outdoor living areas aren’t always an area where you want to allocate a large portion of your furniture budget, since you won’t get year-round use. But here is some advice on Eco-friendly decor perfect for Philly.

Allocating a large portion of your furniture budget to outdoor living spaces may not be practical given that year round enjoyment isn’t guaranteed in Philadelphia’s variable climate. But if you’re searching for eco-friendly decor, there are many budget-friendly options available to make your deck fun and relaxing.

What Makes Outdoor Furniture Eco-Friendly

When searching for newly made eco-friendly deck decor, look for furniture crafted from sustainably harvested woods. The highest degree of sustainability carries a certification from the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

Bamboo, which is technically a grass, is an example of an easily sustainable material because it grows quickly. Rattan is also used in outdoor furniture manufacturing because it is easily bendable. Eucalyptus and teak woods are also common woods for deck tables and chairs.

Eco-friendly decor also encompasses deck furniture and accessories made from recycled materials. Previously owned materials can even be considered eco-friendly; since the furniture already exists, using it has no additional impact on the environment. Refinishing furnishing you currently have rather than investing in new outdoor living decor is also eco-friendly. Remember, if you decide to reuse older furniture and you are not sure of its exact age, you may want to sand it down and refinish it to avoid lead paint toxins.

Local Retailers Offering Eco-Friendly Deck Furniture

Target stocks 100% recyclable plastic Adirondack chairs in bright colors, such as orange, turquoise, and red, to liven up your outdoor living space. TerraCycle Recycled Plant Caddies, made from Capri Sun juice pouches, are also available in local Target stores. Retailers Smith and Hawken claim their wood deck furniture is made using sustainably harvested mahogany and a water-based Sherwin Williams finish.

The Ikea superstore in Conshohocken, PA, also sells natural rattan chairs that can be recycled. Ikea products made from eco-friendly materials are labeled to help inform consumers shopping for eco-friendly decor.

Crate and Barrel, a retailer long committed to operating under eco-friendly guidelines, also offers wood deck furniture certified by the FSC. Currently, Crate and Barrel’s Regatta teak collection meets the requirements of The Forest Trust (TFT), an organization working with socially responsible manufacturers.

Crate and Barrel and a number of other local furniture stores sell Sunbrella cushions and deck umbrellas, which use eco-friendly dyes. According to Crate and Barrel’s website, the Sunbrella products are manufactured “at a facility sending no waste to landfills.” Sunbrella also recycle their products when you are finished with them. Although the Crate and Barrel store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, carries only a limited amount of Sunbrella products in house, a wider variety is offered online.

Consumer demand drives retailers to invest in eco-friendly furniture. As long as customers actively seek out products that are crafted responsibly, reusable, and recyclable, furniture manufactures will be encouraged to make them more affordable.


Jennifer DiGiovanni is a freelance writer and a partner in a real estate investment firm focusing on residential properties. She previously worked in the financial services industry and has earned an MBA from Villanova University. Jennifer enjoys writing about real estate, home improvement and small business.

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