How to Fall in Love with Your Home All Over Again

Home is where the heart is – and when it isn’t? These tips should help you fall back in love!

Loving your living space is important – it’s your home, after all! But sometimes it’s necessary to make some changes, updates, and improvements to remind yourself why you love this place so much. Here’s a few of my personal tried-and-true suggestions.

I realized a few weeks ago that almost every corner of my apartment was filled with stuff. In one corner, I had workout gear (weights, resistance bands, and my yoga mat). In another I had unopened mail I needed to go through and organize. In another, shoes & umbrellas. While these were all important items I needed to keep, I realized finding a designated spot for them would allow my home to feel a lot more open and airy by freeing up those corners. Just these few small changes made a world of difference – even my husband noticed when he returned home from a business trip!

tidy childs bedroom

Maybe you’ve had the same beige pillows on the couch for the last few years & you’re in dire need of somethings new. Swap ’em out for something bold and colorful and watch a simple change breathe new life into your entire room!


Bring home a buddy
…And by that we mean a furry friend, of course. Adopting a pet is the best way to make a huge difference in the life of an animal who needs a home – and will make your home feel fuller and livelier in the process. Puppies (and kitties!) for the win! Find out more about adopting a pet in your area – and how to prepare your home and family for the new addition!

Woman putting water bowl down for her dog

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