Five Articles You Should Read Before Selling Your Home

These must-reads will answer many sellers’ most frequently asked questions.

Guest post by Tiffany Cody, Marketing Content Specialist with Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Selling a home is a big move.  To be as prepared as possible, it helps to do a little research.   Whether you’re concerned about how to make the best first impression with potential buyers or what home improvement projects to tackle, these 5 articles to read before selling your home will answer many of sellers’ most frequently asked questions

1.  Five Tips on How to Sell Your Home in a Competitive Market

Looking for insightful suggestions that will distinguish your home and help keep your property top-of-mind with buyers? These five tips, which cover everything from price points to first impressions, will give you a competitive advantage in a competitive market.

2.  Staging a Home: Dos and Don’ts for Your Open House

Before you actively begin trying to sell your property, there are several ways you can prepare your home to make it more appealing to potential home buyers and increase its value.

3.  7 Tips for Home Improvement

Home improvements, which are ultimately home investments, will certainly factor into your ability to effectively sell your home. Here are a few tips to consider before beginning any home improvement project.

4.  6 Mistakes to Avoid as a Home Seller

As you prepare to sell your property, you may want to think about ways to target and attract potential buyers. Equally important are a number of missteps that can be counterproductive to achieving your goals. These tips will help you avoid making common and easily overlooked mistakes.

5.  4 Factors that Devalue Your Home

Throughout the process of selling a home, there are a number of improvements that can add value to the property. Conversely, there are several conditions that can devalue your home. This article provides insight on factors that may affect your ability to sell your home.

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