Gardening Ideas for Gothamites

When it comes to looking for gardening ideas, New Yorkers don’t usually have any, because they don’t have gardens! No worries; we can still grow produce in the Big Apple, and we don’t even need a terrace to do it! Read on to find out how.

When it comes to thinking about gardening ideas, many New Yorkers don’t even bother mustering up the energy to even try. “Why should we?” they think. It’s not like we even have outdoor space! It’s true: While the rest of the country takes living with outdoor space as a given, New Yorkers take it as a given that few people in the city have outdoor space. Just because your pad in the Big Apple doesn’t have a Tuileries-type landscape welcoming you home every evening doesn’t mean you can’t have your herbs and grow them, too.

Go Tiny

Going tiny when it comes to indoor gardening doesn’t just mean sectioning off a small area of your apartment for growing produce. It also means getting the tiny, or “dwarf,” variety of fruits and vegetables. Do you think that Californians are the only ones who can grow juicy tropical fruit like lemons and limes? We New Yorkers can, too! All you need is a deep pot and a Meyer lemon tree. When you go to the nursery, make sure to ask for young trees that are between two and three years old. When you get it home, make sure you give it plenty of light. If lemons aren’t doing it for you, check out diminutive fruits and vegetables like cherry tomatoes. All your cherry tomatoes will need is a deep pot and a spot in a room that gets plenty of sunshine. If a light-saturated room isn’t possible, a simple grow light will suffice.

Get an Indoor Gardening Kit

If gathering pots together and moving grow lights around feels like a bit much for you to deal with, you can go even simpler by getting yourself an all-in-one gardening kit. If your goal is to grow fresh toppings to spice up your homemade lasagna like basil and oregano, or you want to grow your own fresh, organic lettuce, there’s a kit that will fit your needs. One of the most famous kits is the AeroGarden. There are over 50 seed kits offered by the company, meaning you can grow everything from salad greens to flowers to cherry tomatoes. If you’re looking for something even more low stress to go hand-in-hand with your busy NYC schedule, you may want to look into Potting Shed Creations. From window box lettuce kits to sunflowers in a bag, there’s bound to be something that matches your indoor gardening wish list.

Make an Indoor Vertical Garden

If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for indoor garden that’s decorative as well as functional, one of the best gardening ideas you’ll want to consider is an indoor vertical garden. From colorful felt planters to glass terrariums, there are many different ways you can set up an indoor vertical (hanging) garden. The great thing about vertical/hanging gardens is that they’re pretty easy to care for. If you’re going for a completely decorative look, consider plants like kokedama, a Japanese plant that’s made up of a combination of a plant inserted into a green moss ball. You can hang the moss/plant combo from string, or you can place it into a dish. Several of these hanging from your wall can really light up your room.


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