Grey Room Ideas for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to look for grey room ideas that will brighten up your home. Far from being dreary, grey is a color that can help bring out the very best of your spring seasonal decor. The following tips can help you get started.

If you’re looking for grey room ideas for your NYC home, you’re not alone. Once upon a time, the color grey meant prison garb, dreary tenements, and old London on a soot-filled afternoon. The last thing most people would do was color their homes grey on purpose. The few who did were considered rebels, often not in a good way. Then, a few years ago, J. Crew Creative Director and President Jenna Lyons shared pics and a video via Oprah of her then-Brooklyn townhouse. The rich grey walls of the exquisitely designed rooms had people drooling from Paris to Peoria.

Suddenly, everyone from interior designers to bloggers to the everyday homeowner discovered that grey is actually an incredible neutral color that can go with and brilliantly enhance just about anything. The color is so versatile that it works year round, including spring and summer. If you’re planning on using grey in your home in the upcoming spring and summer months, here are some grey room ideas to help make sure it brightens up your space.

Pair It with a Bright or Pastel Color

grey spring decor

Image Source: Flickr/keeping it real

Grey is a neutral color, which means that it can function as the perfect complement to just about any other color. Grey paired with orange can bring a gorgeous, fiery glow to your space. Pair grey with a buttery yellow and you’ve got a light and airy palette that turns your space into a veritable springtime welcome wagon. If you’re having trouble picking a complementary color, ask yourself a few questions. What does spring mean to you? Renewal? Growth? Light? Flowers? Take your answers, close your eyes, and envision the colors that go along with them. You really want to pick a color that actually means something to you.

Use a Lighter Grey Palette

There are literally hundreds of greys to choose from, from those that are bordering on white to those that are the color of midnight. Softer, lighter greys are perfect when used as a backdrop for spring days that are becoming longer and brighter.

Use Grey Bling

Grey comes in bling as well! Silver and chrome are variations of grey, and in small doses, they can fill your home with a bit of romantic spring fling. You don’t want to overdo it: Too much grey sparkle can feel more like Christmas and New Year’s. A little bit of sparkle delivered via items like silver candle holders or a chrome and crystal chandelier give just the right amount of shimmer.

Pair It with Bright Accessories

Grey will work perfectly with the bright, colorful accessories you bring into your home this season. A brilliantly colorful painting would increase its allure tenfold when hung on a grey wall. A deep grey sofa would look stunning with jewel-toned throw pillows. If you always remember that grey is a neutral, you’ll feel more comfortable pairing it with every color under the spectrum.

Main Image Source: Flickr/Lizzie Benton


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