Holiday Presence


Time to add sparkle and shine without waking up the neighborhood


‘Tis the season to deck your halls and ring in the holidays with festive sophistication – and not necessarily with all the bells and whistles that come with it. There are subtle ways to sing the praises of the season and embrace its beauty while still maintaining an air of elegance and decorative flair.

Modern design room in light colors decorated with Christmas tree and decorative elements.

A Hue or Two. Begin by choosing a color theme and keeping it to one or two hues for a consistent, overall holiday presentation. Complement your current interior design color choice for a decidedly defined ambience. And keep decorations to an impressive few, instead of filling up every open space with a multitude of festive accents – sometimes more can be less of a good thing.

Elements of Surprise. Let everyday items take a holiday and welcome in seasonal magic by swapping out common items like welcome mats, door wreaths, pillows and throws for festive ones. But beware, holiday kitsch can run amuck at the height of the season. Sure, novelties can be fun, but they’re best reserved as a single conversation starter or in rooms where the kiddos tend to hang out.

Twinkle in Their Eyes. Draw attention with a dazzling display of monotone lights both inside and out for maximum impact and a cohesive look to your holiday décor. Remember that lighting is a mood maker and can create an inviting experience. Whether you add warmth to a room with wick-burning or battery-powered candles, or low-watt amber glass and vintage Edison bulbs, thoughtful lighting adds the perfect touch when celebrating the coziness of the season.

Tie It All Together. For a professional, polished look, keep your theme consistent by repeating key elements of your holiday décor in all the rooms of your home. If you’re planning on wrapping gifts that will be on display, match the wrapping paper to your decorations. Weave the same color or patterned gift ribbon throughout your home, from packages and wreaths to centerpieces. Indulge your olfactory sense – introduce a favorite scent that will linger from room to room and further enhance the allure of the season through fragrant candles, infused oils or even the earthy essence of cinnamon sticks simmering in a pot of boiling water.

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so share in the enchantment of the season. Make your home just as magical. Sprinkle in a bit of your own fairy dust to make an intriguing statement with a nod to your traditions but in your own inimitable style.

Guest Post written by Tracy Ellison and Jennifer McGuire

Jennifer McGuire is National Director of Creative Content at The Studio. Tracy Ellison is a creative content writer for The Studio, providing insightful information and ideas to enhance the art of living, with a background as an advertising photo stylist, designer, artist and copywriter.

Senior Manager, Content & Multimedia at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. In his role he manages content strategy and execution across several platforms. He’s held other roles within the Marketing Department ranging from Previews & Product Development to the day to day management of the redesign. Besides being a marketer, Gustavo is a filmmaker, musician and writer.

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