Home Theater Design: A Room With a View

Learn how to transform your home theater into a movie-watching haven for visitors and residents of your home. Know how to choose the best decor to advertise your personal taste, support comfort, and cater to specific media interests.

A great home theater design can make surprise visitors double-take and want to stay for a double-feature. Read the following tips to learn how to transform any room in your Dallas home into an award-winning homage to the silver screen.

Deck the Fourth Wall

If you’re in the beginning stages of home theater design planning, set the scene for your love of movies by painting your walls in a matte, dark hue. Besides superficially setting up your home theater to look like a movie theater, choosing these colors can pay off in a big way: They expand the perception of space, direct attention to the screen, and are quick to fend off the bad guys of light and reflecting, bouncing images.

Create an authentic movie theater atmosphere by framing and hanging up posters of your favorite flicks. Choose frames with plastic panels to reduce distracting glare. Position your posters in a perfect straight line to mirror the way movie theaters feature their current film offerings. In addition to adding instant color and life to your home theater, these posters will showcase your personal taste and intimate to visitors which films you may have on hand to watch.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality take center stage: If you’re a bigger fan of TV shows than movies, opt for TV posters, props, or memorabilia to serve as wall decor. Should animation draw your interest, choose a few framed cels or limited edition prints. Secure all of your wall decorations to make sure that anything you hang up doesn’t shake, rattle, or roll while enjoying a powerful sound system. Leave fragile items on the cutting room floor.

Light Up the Room

Illuminate your movie-going experience with specialized lighting. Sconces, recessed ceiling lights, track lighting, and LED rope lights lined along the floor can easily conjure up the right ambiance. If you’re on a budget, some strategically-placed white Christmas lights can perfectly string together a home theater. Hang movie theater curtains over your TV or projection screen and complement the motif by selecting heavy, red drapes for windows, as they can deter light and sound from entering your entertainment space.

Get the Best Seats in the House

Allow movie-goers to take in the view by offering recliners. Sofas, chairs, chaises, and other seats should be spaced apart so that they don’t compromise the line of sight for any viewer. Additionally, arrange seating so that individuals can enter and exit the room without interrupting anyone’s viewing experience. If your audience includes kids, add a couple of bean bags with washable covers to save a few hundred dollars in seating expenses.

Keep Your Acoustics Singing

Ensure the best sound experience possible by installing acoustic panels. These panels can manage the way sound travels throughout your theater and can even soundproof the area so that you can turn up the volume for fully immersive viewing. Choose a good-quality carpet with generous padding to cover every inch of your floor, as it can contribute to overall better sound quality and ensure that you won’t miss a beat or scene.

Sweet Treats and Eye Candy

Concede the delicious benefits of a home-brewed concession stand in a room designed for movie-viewing. Add a popcorn machine to have the sight and scent of freshly popped kernels transport you to your favorite movie-going memory. Splurge on a mini display case and a small refrigerator to keep sweet treats and drinks on hand. Offer easily accessible trays and cup holders to turn visitors into instant fans of your home theater design.


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