How to Create the Perfect All White Kitchen

Have you been dreaming of an all white kitchen? Check out our tips: everything from selecting cabinets, counters, tile, and flooring to adding in a little color and contrast — for making your dream a reality!

Are you dreaming of an all white kitchen in your NYC home? Check out our tips for making your dream a reality!

Why All White

Kitchen trends are constantly changing, but white is eternal. Oak cabinets scream 1980s, and cherry stained wood harks back to the 1990s. White on the other hand, is timeless. It never goes out of style, and it may have better resale value.

White kitchens look clean and fresh. They also feel spacious, which any New Yorker with a tiny kitchen will appreciate! White works with any decorating style, from traditional to modern.

Of course, all the white is bound to get dirty, right? If you’re concerned, Apartment Therapy has a great article on how to keep your white kitchen sparkling.

How to Create the Perfect All White Kitchen: Why White?

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Choosing Cabinets

Cabinets are your biggest expense when remodeling a kitchen, so choose wisely. Not sure of the style you’re going for? Start by gathering ideas on Pinterest, consider what you like and don’t like about your current cabinets, and visit local showrooms.

Cabinets are expensive. If yours are in good shape, think about doing a makeover instead of a complete replacement. You can update cabinets with paint and new hardware or even replace cabinet fronts and hinges for an all new look.

If a makeover is not an option, you’ll find white cabinets available in a range of styles and prices, from affordable IKEA options to expensive custom designs. Set your budget, then start exploring options with an interior designer or architect.

Deciding on a Counter

Counters are another large expense when creating an all white kitchen. You’ll find lot of options when it comes to counter materials. Gorgeous carrerra and Calcutta marbles are a luxurious options, while solid materials like quartz are more affordable. White concrete is a modern option. Durability is important to consider, of course! Marble may not be the best choice if you have messy kids.

Of course, you can always select a contrasting material. Add depth with a dark counter or warm it up with wood.

How to Create the Perfect All White Kitchen: Selecting Counters

Selecting Tile

Tile options are seemingly endless and can set the tone for your entire kitchen. Know your budget when tile shopping. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with gorgeous tile you can’t afford! Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful and affordable options, and you can always use that pricey tile as an accent.

You’ll also want to consider the tile’s application. Will it be used for a counter, backsplash, or floor? Not every tile works in every location.

Grout color is also an option. Match grout to your tile for a seamless look or add contrast with colored grout. Darker grout will also hide dirt, a benefit in an all white kitchen!

Picking a Floor

Selecting the right flooring is an important consideration. Flooring is the perfect chance to add a little contrast to your kitchen. Warm up the room with rich wood, add character with rustic brick, hide dirt with dark slate, or add cushion with cork. There are lots of options, and each one will add interest and charm to your all white space!

Adding a Little Color

When it comes to adding color, the good news is that everything looks great with white! A little color is the ideal finishing touch in an all white kitchen. Do you have open shelving? Fill it with colorful plates, bowls, and glasses. Have a beautiful window? Accent it with pretty patterned curtains. The choice is yours!

How to Create the Perfect All White Kitchen: Adding Color

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