How to Get a Vegas-Size Crowd to Your Open House

A successful open house takes more then a couple of signs, ballons and a pot of coffee. These days, you must have a plan to market through the clutter to get a Las Vegas-size crowd to see your fabulous Las Vegas home.

OK, so you put out a few directional signs and balloons, and you’ve made a fresh pot of coffee. Now you’re waiting for the crowds to flock to your open house, right? Boring! It’s a new era, and people want excitement, something that will make a splash on social media. If you’re a Las Vegas real-estate agent, use these open house tips to knock your next open house event out of the park:

1. Create a theme.

And once you create your theme, plan everything, right down to the smallest detail, around it. Tie the event to a holiday when possible. For example, create a fiesta theme around Cinco de Mayo, complete with Mexican flags and mock margaritas — you get the picture!

2. Skip the cheesy gifts!

Razzle-dazzle guests by entering their name in a drawing for something really fabulous! Offer an entrance ticket for every action guests complete, such as:

  • Providing their email addresses
  • Making a “check-in” on social media
  • Posting event pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Tweeting about your event

Make sure you’re posting comments and pictures on social media, too! Show people, the prizes, the whole works!

3. Engage the community.

Door-knock the neighborhood with a “Choose Your Neighbor” flyer, and encourage the community to bring friends and relatives they want to live close by to your event. You can also create a “Be My Neighbor” video campaign showing neighbors making their pitch at your event!

4. Partner with like-minded businesses.

In addition to recruiting the neighbors, get local businesses to pitch in with your event — it’s a great way for them to promote themselves, too! Some ideas:

  • Invite the landscaper or pool guy to display big images of their services (hung up or on easels).
  • Have a local home accessory store, interior designer, or art gallery showcase cool pieces.

This is especially important if the house is empty, has dated furnishings or you want to show what a finished yard COULD look like!

5. Find the unique selling point (USP) of the house and invite fellow aficionados.

Does the home have a great gourmet kitchen? Use social media to invite gourmet cooks and foodies to come check it out. Ask a local chef or restaurant to do a cooking demonstration — put the grill out front, if you can, to draw attention.

Just recently, Coldwell Banker Premier Realty agents held a “Poker Tour” of five nearby homes with an open house at the same time. At each home the guest chose a card, and at the last home, if their hand beat the dealer, they won a prize. It was very creative, and it got the buyer agents excited. Be like Vegas, baby! Be innovative and create a buzz around your open house to draw a crowd that neighbors will be talking about for weeks!

Image Source: Flickr/Minh Hoang


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