7 Hosting Tips for Throwing Thanksgiving in Your Tiny NYC Apartment

Just because you don’t have a proper dining room — or even any place to put a dining room table for that matter — doesn’t mean you can’t host Thanksgiving dinner. Here are our hosting tips for getting it done.

Need some holiday hosting tips? Just because you don’t have a proper dining room — or even room to put a proper dining room table — doesn’t mean you can’t invite over the family and friends. Below are seven tips for pulling off Turkey Day in your tiny NYC apartment:

1. Edit Your Guest List

This might be the most important of all hosting tips: Less is more when you’re entertaining in a small abode. Now isn’t the time to invite all of your distant cousins for dinner. Try to keep the guest list down to a number that fits easily around the table and the couch afterward, once that tryptophan starts doing its thing.

2. Accept Help

If your kitchen and its appliances are on the smallish side, you may not have room to heat up and store all parts of the holiday dinner. If friends offer to make dishes, take them up on those offers. It’ll help you avoid a meltdown.

3. Invest in a Foldable Table or One With Leaves

A gateleg table (which folds down on both sides) is a great option to have when you’re entertaining. Once the guests leave, you’ll fold it down to less than half its size. A table with leaves is also a great option.

4. Open Up The Space

Make room for your guests by moving any unnecessary furniture out of the dining/entertaining space. Use your bedroom(s) to store things like coffee tables and lounge chairs that take up precious space. If you’re desperate, use the bathtub.

5. Do It Buffet-Style

If your table is small — which we’ll assume it is — and you don’t feel like buying a new one, you may be better off lining the dishes up in the kitchen (or on a small, foldable side table like this) and allowing guests to get up and serve themselves so as not to use up precious tabletop space.

6. Find a Place to Store Outerwear

Don’t fill up your apartment with your guests’ outerwear. If your building has a coat rack (some do), ask them well in advance if you can use/rent it and place it in your hallway so that it’s out of the way. Otherwise, consider buying a cheap over-the-door hook system or use your shower rod for hanging coats (unless, of course, you’ve used your tub to hide your stuff!).

7. Don’t Annoy the Neighbors

Keep in mind that when you live in New York City, you have neighbors in proximity. Don’t be too loud or let the partying go on too late. Better yet, invite the neighbors over for dessert if you want to stay on their good sides. Also, if you’re asking people to take off their shoes or you’re expecting guests with strollers, make sure everything that’s left in the hallway is stored neatly and doesn’t become an eyesore.

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