Living in New York City: How to Add NYC Style to Your Decor

When living in New York City, whether moving on up or just starting out in your first cozy space, you want to be part of the fashionable NYC scene. When fashioning the abode or one’s self New Yorkers understand the importance of looking on trend.

When living in New York City, whether moving on up or just starting out in your first cozy space, you want to be part of the fashionable NYC scene. Whether fashioning the abode or one’s self, New Yorkers understand the importance of looking on trend and stylish. Moving into a NYC dwelling can be an exciting time; you have the center of fashion and arts at your fingertips to inspire your decor.

Make a Plan

It makes life much easier when you have a floor plan. There are many apps designed to help you plan your new decor from mapping out the actual room to placing furniture and choosing colors and fabrics. Simply download a decor planning app from iTunes or Google Play to your mobile device and you will have your own personal designer to help you. Apps assist in drawing floor plans and creating your design ideas. Many have preloaded furniture, colors, and finishes to place in a room. Some apps will allow you to snap a photo of fabrics, flooring, and textures you see when you are shopping to actually place them in your plan for a preview look.

Use Imagination

Try to avoid making items look like matched up sets, as in a hotel room. Blend finishes and looks together. If you have an oak wood floor, then stay away from the same finished furniture. Contrasting, but blended, looks give a designer appeal to the high-styled NYC decor you are craving. Use one wood end table and then use stone or glass for the other end table and coffee table. For the bedroom, use a unique headboard crafted out of metal or fabric. A night table on one side can match a dresser, but use a desk with a small chair on the other side of the bed to add a splash of uniqueness.

Gather Inspiration

Just walking around New York City can inspire thoughts for new decor ideas. Take advantage of the architecture and window shopping to snap photos. Living in New York City lets you attend events that market decor from around the world. ICFF at the Javits Center holds a public day in which all are invited to purchase tickets to view hot new decor designs from exclusive companies, designers, and artists.

Think Old is New

Have fun in the Big Apple scouring interesting vintage and thrift shops, instead of the common big box furniture stores for furnishings. Vintage is always new again, whether back in vogue or renewing a found treasure with paint. You might just find a true diamond to work as a room’s centerpiece. While you are thinking vintage, get creative by recovering a chair seat using an old fur coat or an out-of-style leather skirt.

Use Your Height

Many New York City apartments have tall walls rising above the standard eight-foot ceiling height. Make use of these glamorous lanky walls. Create built-in units to cover a wall, encompassing a window above and below. Under the window build a window seat that also can be used for storage, or fit a desk neatly within the built-ins for you to gaze at the beautiful NYC view. Be creative dressing windows with ceiling to floor sheers hung on a rod with large artistic finials. Dress a wall behind a bed or sofa with a huge statement piece of art work or a mirror with a beautiful frame.


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