Living in Style: The Industrial Modern Home

Interested in Modern style homes? Learn more about the Industrial Modern style and what sets it apart from other modern homes.

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Architects designing in the Modernist style are led by the philosophy that a building’s sole purpose is to serve the functional needs of its inhabitants. In other words, a home should be a “machine for the living”.

The Industrial Modern style home is based on the International Modern style, which stripped any ornamentation from facades. However, Industrial Modern style is different from International Modern style in that it uses more varied materials to achieve its form. The result is a softer take on modern style.

Industrial Modern design incorporates elements like those found in factories, such as glass block, pipe railings and metal spiral staircases, into residential homes. Corrugated metal siding, cast concrete and concrete block are all frequently found in Industrial Modern home designs.

This sleek Industrial Modern home located in Kirkland, WA is listed by The Mark Von der Burg Team with Coldwell Banker BAIN.

This polished, factory-like design is represented in many style elements of Industrial Modern architecture, such as:

• Factory-like parts arranged for function rather than form – underscoring the intent to support the occupant’s lifestyle, not vice versa
• Flat roofs, following the industrial lines
• Multiple window units arranged in rectangular or irregular groupings that benefit interior functions or features
• Simple forms arranged asymmetrically

When these elements are used together, they create a raw, bold image. Industrial Modern homes make minimalism stylish, using a spacious, mechanical design.

Learn more about Industrial Modern style at Andersen Windows’ online Home Style Library.

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