Make the Most of Your Galley Kitchen

If you’re like most New Yorkers, chances are you have a small, narrow kitchen. We actually love this type of kitchen because it’s so functional … if it’s set up right! Follow our tips for making the most of your galley kitchen!

If you’re like most in this city, chances are you have a small, narrow kitchen in your New York apartment. We actually love this type of kitchen because it’s so functional … if it’s set up right!

Follow our tips for making the most of your galley kitchen!

Go Vertical

While you can’t expand out in a gallery kitchen, you can certainly go vertical.

Most kitchens don’t make the most of empty walls. One way to maximize your space is by replacing cabinets with a style that reaches to the ceiling. You’ll double your storage, and the tall cabinets will draw the eye up, making your space feel larger. Use the extra room to store items that don’t get used often, such as party supplies, serving pieces, and vases.

Is the space above your refrigerator empty? Add shelves to store cookbooks or a microwave and other appliances that would normally clutter your counters.

Hang a stylish pot rack on your wall to make extra room in your cabinets.

Choose the Best Materials

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? One nice thing about a tiny NYC space is that it won’t cost as much to renovate as a huge kitchen would.

Make the most of your small space by choosing the best materials. You only have a few cabinets, so a custom design won’t break the bank. Add a statement to your galley kitchen with gorgeous tile floors or a beautiful backsplash. Replace your appliances with a matching set or invest in an amazing marble counter.

Of course everyone has a budget, so you probably can’t afford the most expensive choice in every category. Why not choose one showstopper and design your whole kitchen around it? Let’s say you fell in love with a striking tile pattern with an equally eye catching price tag. Pairing it with affordable, yet polished, white cabinets from IKEA will show off the beautiful tile while saving your budget.

Make the Most of a Galley Kitchen: Tile

Image Source: Flickr/Sam Howzit

Create Extra Space

There are plenty of easy ways to add extra space in a galley kitchen.

Is one of the walls empty? Mount a narrow bar along the wall and tuck a pair of bar stools underneath. You’ve just created more counter space, plus a place to eat your meals.

If there’s space above your cabinets, fill it with decorative baskets for extra storage.

Look inside your cabinets, too. Add a rack and hang pot lids inside the doors or mount hooks to hang measuring spoons and other small items. Invest in a few storage tools, such as tiered shelves or spice organizers, to keep everything contained and neat.

Make the Most of a Galley Kitchen

Image Source: Flickr/Guy Sie

Add Style and Personality

Finally, add some style and personality to your galley kitchen.

Replace a cheap rug with a vintage Persian beauty. Paint an empty wall your favorite color. Invest in pretty new linens and pot holders. Hang a gorgeous print or two.

These little changes will make a big impact!

Main Image Source: Flickr/designbuildinhabit


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