Mixing Materials: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Home

When decorating our homes, it’s easy to focus solely on choosing the right colors. While that’s a good starting point, there is more to interior design than choosing the right paint color! An easy way to add tons of character is by mixing materials.

When decorating your NYC home, it’s easy to focus solely on choosing the right colors. While that’s definitely a good starting point, there is so much more to interior design than choosing the right paint color!

An easy way to add tons of character to your NYC apartment is by mixing materials.

Mixing Materials: Why You Should Try It in Your Home

Why Is Mixing Materials Important?

If you’ve spent any time flipping through decor magazines, you’ve probably noticed that designers like to pair contrasting materials and textures. Maybe they’ve upholstered a sleek metal frame sofa in nubby wool, or they’ve chosen mixed metal finishes for a kitchen’s fixtures.

Although there’s nothing wrong with matching, mixing materials is a tried and true way to add depth and character to your home. Think about it . . . what’s more interesting: a bathroom done top to bottom in white tiles and white accessories, or a bathroom with a patterned tile floor, cushy bath mat and towels, and dark wood vanity?

Whether your style is minimalist or traditional, learning to mix materials is the key to creating an inviting home.

Mixing Materials: How to Do It in Your Home

How To: Mixing Materials in Every Room

If you’ve never thought about mixing materials before, it may seem a little overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’re sharing tips for every room!

  • Kitchen: Your kitchen has many opportunities for using different materials. Instead of matching the finish on fixtures, try mixing metals, such as pairing stainless appliances with black cabinet handles and a bronze faucet. A sleek marble countertop would pair beautifully with a butcher block island. Warm wood or cork floors provide a contrast to sleek Italian-style cabinets. Check out these kitchens that successfully mix materials for inspiration.
  • Living Room: Working with contrasting textures and materials can have a huge impact on a tiny New York living room. Add warmth to wood or stone floors with rugs. Top your sofa with a mix of smooth silk and nubby woven pillows. Pair heavy drapes with light sheers. Soften an angular chair by adding a cushy throw. Mix metal furniture with wood furniture.
  • Bathroom: Decorating your bathroom is an opportunity to mix hard materials (tile) with soft (textiles) and warm materials (wood). Add some comfort to an all-tile bathroom by incorporating soft rugs and thick towels. Pair cool marble with rich woods and warm golds. Just like in the kitchen, incorporate a range of metal finishes to create a unique look.
  • Bedroom: Create a cozy bedroom by using a range of textures and materials. Instead of buying a bedroom set, mix up your furniture. Try pairing a wood bed frame with metal bedside tables. Add comfort by pairing flat white sheets with a chunky knit throw and pillows in a range of materials. Cover your windows with elegant textured curtains in velvet or another rich fabric.

Mixing Materials: Tips for Every Room

We hope this guide gives you the confidence to start mixing materials in your own home!


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