Modernism Week: A 10th Anniversary Celebration of Midcentury Design


Read how the February edition of Previews® Inside Out covered Modernism Week from all angles.


Modernism Week, the annual celebration of mid-century modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture took place in Palm Springs, February 12–22, 2015. The February edition of Previews® Inside Out covered the event from all angles.

Read an interview with Lisa Vossler Smith, executive director of Modernism Week, exploring the highlights of the 10th Anniversary of the 11-day event. Discuss the modernism movement with John Bertram, founder of Bertram Architects, a firm best known for restoring homes from the midcentury period, and learn why he’s mad for midcentury. See how interior designer Amy Lau is making bold statements by adapting modernist design principles for 21st-century lifestyles. And lastly, take a tour of Evening Star, Rancho Mirage’s most captivating modernist estate to hit the market this year.


So, why the fascination with modernism? As John Bertram so eloquently states, “To those willing to devote time to careful study, midcentury modern architecture offers a multitude of practical lessons and interesting choices that are pertinent to life today.”

Modernism is more than clean lines, smooth surfaces and architectural restraint. It is a lifestyle that reflects a simpler, humbler time period. No place is a better reflection of this home style than Palm Springs. See how Modernism Week comes to life in this month’s issue of Previews® Inside Out.

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