From the classroom to the courthouse to the brokerage: tips from an agent who loves to serve

It may seem daunting to switch careers, but top Coldwell Banker Global Luxury agent, Julie Boyle of Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty in Akron, Ohio, took the plunge and found immense success and satisfaction in her third career – real estate. Everyone can learn from the values that guide Julie as an agent, whether you’re a veteran of the industry, just starting out or looking to step into the luxury market.

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Few have had a career as diverse as Julie Boyle’s. She’s been a teacher, a lawyer and now a Global Luxury Specialist with Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty in Akron, Ohio. While these experiences vary widely at first glance, a constant theme runs through each of her professions: helping and serving others.

Julie has a brother with special needs, and she grew up in a time where there were few support systems for him. Discontent with the resources available, she decided to become a special education teacher, and later increased her impact by going to law school and becoming an advocate.

After Julie married and had children, she wanted a change. She’d always had a knack for real estate, and was responsible for finding and remodeling the many houses in which her family lived. She decided to make this passion her next endeavor.

Julie was drawn to Coldwell Banker after witnessing the commitment to mentorship that exists at every level in the organization. At Coldwell banker Hunter Realty, she continues her dedication to helping others by fostering meaningful relationships with clients. She makes herself available at all hours of the day, helping her clients navigate the hectic experience of moving. Julie’s passion for her job is contagious – she’s brought many friends, who witness the boundless enthusiasm she has for her role, to Coldwell Banker.

Here are Julie’s top three tips for building meaningful relationships with clients:

  • Know your client’s story: A client’s home, especially a luxury home, is their castle. Knowing their story, and their current or future home’s story, is vital – it’s how agents make the transaction personal. Julie handles a lot of corporate relocations and her attention to detail and personal approach has helped many families navigate a stressful moment in time. This approach pays dividends in the form of referrals.
  • Connect with the community you want to serve: Business comes naturally when your authenticity and passion are evident. Think about the communities, activities and organizations you are naturally drawn to and become more involved – this is a great way to expand your sphere and form lasting bonds that lead to happy clients and referrals. For luxury clientele, this might mean becoming involved with the arts, fundraising or charity efforts in your community.
  • Put in the time: It takes time to build a meaningful relationship, and this sense of trust cannot be forced. However, there’s real payoff for those that put in the time – referral business grows exponentially. Julie likes to go above and beyond when it comes to her clients – in practical terms she likes to do one more thing than what was asked. This shows her clients she’s thinking ahead, which leads to trust and referrals.  

Agents come to the real estate profession from a wide variety of different personal backgrounds, educational levels and professional experiences. Past colleagues can become the backbone of your network and a source of referrals if you approach networking with authenticity. Embracing a desire to serve helps build your professional network. Once you get started in real estate the personal attention you give your clients leaves a lasting impression that pays off in referrals and business growth. To learn more about becoming part of the Coldwell Banker network visit

Senior Manager, Public Relations & Giving for Coldwell Banker. Grew up in Sarasota and attended college at Western Carolina University. Athena wanted to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep so headed to Madison Avenue to start her marketing career. She has been with this awesome brand for more than 15 years and can be found generating buzz about CB in every way possible. Athena helps to grow the brand’s position as the most storied real estate company within the industry and has led many high-profile endeavors; she was at the forefront of the brand’s pioneering smart home campaign, raised $6 million in two years to build 130 Habitat for Humanity homes, and led the Homes for Dogs program in partnership with that resulted in tens-of-thousands of dogs finding their furever home. She currently leads the CB Supports St. Jude program, which encourages the Coldwell Banker network’s 96,000+ real estate agents to make donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for every real estate transaction they represent. In her spare time, you can find her either digging up a new area in her yard for another flower bed or planning her next travel adventure. She's the proud mom of three cats Jolene, Ziggy and Lucy.

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