No Worries At Home For Denard Span

Washington Nationals Center fielder Denard Span waves us into his Tampa, Florida home.

In last week’s Homefield Advantage video, we were welcomed into the home of Kansas City Royals star, Lorenzo Cain.  We are continuing the trend this week by profiling another sure-handed center fielder – the Washington Nationals’ Denard Span!

Being a gold-glove caliber center fielder and last year’s co-National League hit leader* for the Washington Nationals is no walk in the park. That is why Denard Span kicks up his spikes and gets comfortable in his Tampa, Florida home with girlfriend, Shadonna Copeland whenever he can. Home to Denard and Shadonna means first and foremost, family. Since Tampa also happens to be Denard’s hometown, driving around his neighborhood and passing his childhood home – where his mother still lives – brings back all of his best memories growing up playing the game he loves.

As Denard hilariously puts it, in his home, the kitchen is the REAL place where it “goes down”. And he is not complaining that it is Shadonna’s favorite room in the house too! As we continue on our tour, the upstairs entertainment room is a “man’s man” oasis. With an abundant sports memorabilia collection, pool table, theater and gym, like center field in Nationals Park, the upstairs is Denard’s territory.

How will Denard and Shadonna solve the dilemma of man cave extension or play pen for future babies with their extra room? Click the video above to find out!  And click here to see the rest of Coldwell Banker’s 2015 Homefield Advantage line-up!



*Tied with Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Ben Revere with 184 hits.


Header image via Flickr user Keith Allison.

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