Nursery Decor in New York City Style


Arranging the nursery decor is an exciting time as you decorate the room to welcome the newest member of your family. For those living in New York City, there is an array of stores and resources to help new parents.


Arranging the nursery decor is an exciting time as you decorate the room to welcome the newest member of your family. For those living in New York City, there is an array of services and stores to help parents plan and help with their new addition. Along with stores specializing in wonderful nursery decor, the Big Apple offers a city filled with resources to help guide parents who have so many questions.

Decor Fun

A freshly painted room is the perfect way to welcome your bundle. Think beyond pink for girls and blue for boys. A gold, sage, or beige color will work as a neutral on its own or with other colors. Add an accent color on the wall that the crib sits against. Think outside of the box with a green or coral color. Make sure to paint with low VOC paints that are specifically formulated for those sensitive to allergies and chemicals.

Remember that in a blink of the eye the baby years are gone, and you are left with a preschooler demanding to have a room that does not look like a baby’s. Removable wallpaper and decals are perfect for the quickly growing years of infant to toddler to teen. These can be easily taken off and changed for a new, age-appropriate decor.

Nursery decor window treatments should be kept simple. Black-out Roman shades will keep the room dark for quiet time and can also be easily vacuumed. Make sure cords are anchored out of baby’s reach. You can add a soft decorative touch with a pretty window topper that can be easily updated as your child grows up.

The traditional changing table has a short lifespan. Instead, use a changing top and pad attached to a standard dresser with the appropriate hardware. Make sure that it is a comfortable height for you to change baby. When toilet trained, simply remove the changing top.

If space permits, add a comfortable chair for parents. Also add a TV to help keep you awake during late night feedings and for your baby to watch educational shows in the morning. A table lamp as well as a night light is important in order to check on your little one without waking.

Crib Safety

It is tempting to use a lovely vintage crib, but there are rules now that crib manufacturers must adhere to in order to ensure that your baby will be safe. Cribs should have fixed side rails and slats that are no more than 2 3/8-inches apart. Albee Baby on 95th Street has lovely choices of cribs that will blend with any decor style. They have cribs that convert to toddler beds as well.

The mattress should be firm and fit snugly inside the crib. Never place soft bedding, pillows, or toys in the crib, as they can cause a baby to suffocate. Use fitted 100-percent cotton sheets and a lightweight nursery blanket. Mini Jake in Brooklyn sells organic mattress pads and bedding perfect for the newborn. Add a decorative touch with a pretty crib skirt.

Help is Here

New York City is a world all of its own with amazing people and groups aiming to help. Big City Moms is a wonderful resource for new moms and dads for support. They hold events and safety classes, as well as places to connect with other parents. Check out Mommy Poppins for other great NYC resources. They list help, events, and happenings by age and area. They also give advice and links for family fun, parties, and trips.


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