NYC-Style Fashion Trends Meet Great Deals


NYC-style fashion trends are eyed from all around the world. Known for its high style of living along with its world-renowned fashion weeks, New York City provides the places to go when seeking out the best in fashion.


NYC-style fashion trends are eyed from all around the world, making those who live in the city that never sleeps the envy of all fashionistas. Residing in New York City means having the choice of amazing fashion-forward shopping experiences steps outside one’s door. Known for its high style of living, along with its world-renowned fashion weeks, New York City provides the places to go when seeking out the best in fashion to fill the closet with the hottest of trendy styles. Although there may be many high-priced designers and stores in abundance, there are also many places in the Big Apple to find wonderful deals on the hottest fashion trends.

Sample Fashion Finds

The city that is the center of fashion is home to an abundance of designer showrooms. Every month designers host sample sales that have long been known to native New Yorkers as their secret locations to find incredible clothes, shoes, and accessories for the entire family for a fraction of their retail cost. Living in NYC means having your choice each month of these amazing events where you find designer fashions at amazing deals.

Bombshell Dressing

Step out of your NYC dwelling to relish the romantic nostalgia that is New York. Known for showcasing unique and retro looks, New York City is home to many boutiques that cater to women looking to bring out their inner bombshell. Enz’s specializes in fashions that are ready to party in the high style of glamour. The beautiful dresses and fashion found at Enz’s channel the lovely styling of the 1930s through the 1950s at very reasonable prices. Finish off your look with the perfect pair of shoes and accessories. Enz’s also dresses guys to swagger in their finest retro panache.

Large Store, Big Savings

Making NYC home means having the good fortune to step out regularly on world famous Fifth Avenue to witness the major designer department stores in all of their glory. Bergdorf Goodman’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor are renowned internationally for their well-dressed windows and beautiful offerings. Also known for their high-priced designer fashion, savvy New Yorkers will window shop and then go shop to purchase the same designer fashions at Century 21. This is a store known as the home of designer surplus from the expensive department stores, except sold at a fraction of the fancy store price. They’re located at 22 Cortlandt Street, as well as a new Brooklyn location. Discover fashionable finds at incredible deals for women, men, children, and the home. Very exciting is the new branch of C21-Edition stores created by Century 21. The stores are a first in luxury concept stores. The C21-Edition stores join forces with designers, private sales, and presentations to host fashion events.

Luxury Resale

Residing in New York City equates with living life in high style, and knowledgeable New Yorkers know how to stay on trend while also getting a deal. With the trendiest of resale shops, there is always an amazing find just a few steps from where you live. So it may have been owned by someone before you, but that doesn’t mean that the Louis Vuitton or Chanel will not be new for you. New York City is home to luxury reseller A Second Chance. This amazing store, with two NYC locations, offers 100-percent guaranteed, authentic designer and couture at a mere fraction of their original cost. Check out their under $300 finds for even more amazing deals. Designer vintage finds are certainly on trend, so strut the city like you own it in your Second Chance find.

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