On the Hunt for Safe Neighborhoods in NYC

Finding safe neighborhoods in NYC is important for a wide range of people, whether you’re a single person looking for a sense of stability and community or a young family looking to find the perfect space to raise children. Here are a few best bets.

Looking for safe neighborhoods in NYC is a top priority for all types of people moving to the city, including those with children and those living on their own. While the days when New York was so dangerous that it may as well have been covered in crime tape are way behind us, there are still certain areas that are safer and more suitable for families and people desiring the sense of an extra layer of security.

When it comes to what qualifies a neighborhood as safe, it generally boils down to an area that has a low crime rate, where singles and families feel that they can walk around feeling reasonably protected from the usual ills of urban living.

Upper East Side

Once upon a time, the mere mention of this neighborhood would conjure up images of Norland College–trained nannies pushing their charges in Silver Cross prams, limousines idling beside luxury co-op buildings to whisk hedge fund manager dads to work, and moms who lunch rushing off to their appointments with their yogis and Pilates instructors before picking up “a few things” at Barneys and settling down for cocktail lunches at Freds. People who were flush with cash flocked to the area because of its ability to make residents feel insulated and protected. The good news for people not-so-flush with cash who are looking for the same level of security and safety is that there are plenty of safe, beautiful, and, most importantly, affordable apartment buildings in the Upper East Side. The area, covered by the 19th and 22nd precincts, is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Battery Park City

A low crime rate, a suburban feel, and a 92-acre secluded waterfront area at the southernmost tip of Manhattan: What more could people looking for safety and security ask for? Consisting primarily of high-rise doormen buildings, this family-friendly downtown residential area has its own security force, adding an extra layer of security to an area that’s already very safe. Joggers, families pushing strollers, and people coming to and from offices in the nearby financial district make this perfect area for people seeking security. The local restaurants, dry cleaners, and grocery stores add to that secure, self-contained feel.

Gramercy Park

For people looking for safe neighborhoods in NYC with a charming, almost European-village-style feel, Gramercy Park punches the ticket. Its secluded, small-town feel is sought out by families, singles looking for a more low-key vibe than found in other downtown neighborhoods, and recent retirees who want to be in a part of the city that’s sheltered and centrally located. Well-tended brownstones and doormen buildings make up the building stock, and the mystical — and locked — Gramercy Park itself is accessible only to a lucky few.

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