5 Items Every Mom to Be Needs In Her Nest

Tips to Make Your Nest The Best While Pregnant

As a first time mom to be I am by NO means a pro on all the “must have items” a pregnant mom needs to have for a happy 40 weeks but when it comes to making “my nest” a little more comfortable I have definitely learned a lot.

If you are an expecting momma, first a foremost congratulations, I hope these items will help you as much as they have helped me.

A Nightlight for the Bathroom 

Midnight trips to the bathroom will become much more frequent and there is nothing worse than being woken up from your zombie like shuffling by a harsh bright light. A night light will give you just enough light to avoid walking into doors and walls without the rude awakening. I purchased this one from Amazon and love that it auto senses the other lights in the room so it turns on around dusk and turns off at dawn.

Best Night Light


A Pregnancy Pillow

Any pregnant woman will tell you just how precious sleep is and any new parent will tell you how important it is to “bank up” your ZZZs before your little one arrives. Buying a pregnancy pillow was a game changer for me as I entered my second trimester. There are a ton to choose from but I can’t say enough nice things about The Snoogle which you can buy on Amazon here. As you can see from the 4 1/2 star review from nearly 5,000 Amazon buyers I am not alone in claiming this as the “mother of all pillows.” This comfy c shaped pillow will provide amazing support for your hips, back, neck, and growing tummy. As a back sleeper this has been especially helpful to make sure I am staying on my side at night. (Doctor’s recommend trying to sleep on  your left side if possible)

Snoogle pillow

A Humidifier 

In the past several weeks I have found myself constantly congested. After nearly a month of sniffling I finally brought it up to my doctor and found out it is just another one of those lovely things you can chalk up to pregnancy hormones and very common. He suggested I get a humidifier for my room and it has been a tremendous help. If you are suffering from a stuffy nose I highly recommend adding one to your bedroom. A helpful tip from Baby Center,  “Change the water daily since it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. You’ll need to replace the filter often as well.” Here is the one I purchased:

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


A Few Great Books

Sleepless nights happen and when they do there is something about curling up with your bump and a good book that makes those nights a little more tolerable. I have gotten some of my best reading in during nights where sleep just isn’t in the cards.  My boss, who is a father of 4, suggested Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy which was one of his wife’s favorites and now one of mine too.  There is the standard What To Expect When You Are Expecting and my new personal favorite which my mother in law found for me Heading Home with Your Newborn (so informative!).

Something to Document Your Journey

For some it is a weekly chalkboard and for others it is a simple picture every so often. Whatever you choose make sure you have a special place in your home to snap a picture to commemorate this special time in  your life. Keep the pictures for you and your significant other or share them with the world, whatever you choose I can guarantee you will be thankful for taking the time to freeze this moment in time. My husband and I love checking the Ovia App to see how big the baby is and take a picture every Sunday night to celebrate one week closer to meeting our son.

Pregnancy Chalkboard by Week

Ready for inspiration for your baby’s nursery? Check out this post. 

nursery ideas

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