Room Design Apps that Will Make Your Home Fabulous

Room design apps have made it easy to turn your home from frumpy digs into the palace of your dreams. Apps dedicated to design and renovation have turned what was once a tiring exercise (home renovation) into something that’s almost fun!

Thanks to the Internet, room design is so easy. Everyone is an interior designer . . . just kidding, real designers! The Internet has simply made it easier for people to have access to the tools that can help them create the home of their dreams as well as to find the experts that can make their more complex dreams a reality. No one ever said the renovation and home design process was easy, but if you’re looking to make it easier, the following apps can help.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture

Have you ever gone to the beach and looked out at the crystal blue waters and thought, “That shade of aqua would be perfect for the baby’s room!” Or maybe you saw a gorgeous hot pink dress and thought that it would make a perfect accent wall color for your bedroom redo. Excited, you run to the paint store, choose the paint color that you think matches your choice the most, race home and paint, and recoil in horror at the freshly applied muddy blue or the Pepto pink staring back at you from your walls. Enter the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app. Once you download the app, simply snap a photo of the real-life color that’s tickling your fancy. The app will instantly find a match or matches for you inside Benjamin Moore’s extensive color library. You can then save your pics with your matching digital fan card attached. Simple!


Where can you find contractors, interior designers, decorators, architects, pretty pictures, landscape artists, and chatty looky loos all in one place? Why, of course. What can you find on Houzz? What can’t you find on Houzz should be the question. In addition to millions — yes, millions — of images that can hold you captive for hours and that can be broken down by location, color, and design style, you can find and reach out to local professionals and contractors directly from the app. You can also ask for advice on forums, get specific design-style inspiration, build as many ideabooks as you want, and more. It’s one of the most useful apps for people who are in the process of doing a redesign as well as for those who are just looking.


You’re browsing Craigslist while out on the go and you come across this Hans Wegner dining table that’s being unloaded for $500 by a lucky startup entrepreneur who’s just sold his business for a bazillion bucks to Google. The question isn’t whether or not you’re going to buy it (duh! yes!). The question is will it fit in your dining area now, or will you have to hire a Craigslist delivery guy and deliver it straight to Manhattan Mini Storage until you can upsize your space? But you don’t have a ruler and it’s one of those deals where if you even pause for like, two seconds, you’ll regret it for life. The MagicMeasure app can make it easy for you. Aim your camera at the item you need to measure, and the app will take the measurements for you.


You’re not messing around; you want to redesign your NYC apartment and you’re not interested in doing a half-baked job. You’re thinking formal room design plans, licensed contractors, and actual, official work permits on your windows. The MagicPlan app can help you create professional looking floorplans in a snap. This highly rated and extremely popular app allows you to hold your camera in front of you and capture images of your room as you turn around. When you’re done, the app generates a floorplan!


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