The Secret Weapon in an Agent’s Toolbox

Did you know that Coldwell Banker agents have a secret weapon that accurately predicts when a consumer may need their services?

Shhh…did you know that Coldwell Banker agents have a secret weapon? Called CB Zap, it quickly and accurately predicts when a consumer may need their services.

Here’s how it works. A family decides that they wish to move in the next few months. They want to find a bigger house a few towns over so the parents can have a shorter commute and their children can get into the state-renowned public school system. They’re in no rush, so they agree to wait for the perfect house to pop up. Every week, they peruse listings but nothing catches their eye.

A few months go by and they start to feel restless, so they get more serious. They begin searching for homes in a neighborhood that have a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms and that fit into their price range. When they find properties that seem like a strong possibility on or the local Coldwell Banker, the save them for later. 

When they save those properties, a Coldwell Banker® affiliated sales associate gets a notification on their phone through CB Zap that the family is looking for a home in their market. They reach out immediately and gain a new client.

CB Zap is so powerful because it helps agents build, maintain and manage customer relationships. The more strategic touchpoints with buyers and sellers means more relevant communication for consumers and more leads for agents. Sellers can also rest-easy knowing that their agent has the secret weapon for finding the perfect buying who is looking to purchase soon.

Because it is connected to the MLS, the home search tool in CB Zap has accurate and up-to-date listings surrounded by tons of relevant data, such as school information, neighborhood profiles, price trends and transaction histories. The listings are also personalized with agent insights, which give consumers a better idea of what the home is like without stepping foot on the property.

The ZapScoreSM gives consumers a score from 1 to 100. The closer the ZapScoreSM is to 100, the most likely that client is to transact, thus prompting the agent to get in touch with them.

Learn more about how Coldwell Banker and CB Zap can benefit your real estate career.


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