A Smart Home Technology for Outside the Home: The Smart Basketball

This innovative product takes backyard basketball to a whole new level.

When we think about smart home technology we invariably think about things like connected kitchens and wirelessly controllable lights and appliances. The rapid growth of innovation is making the inside of our homes a lot more convenient and even safer, but thankfully home related innovations have begun to creep outside the front door.

One of our favorite new products unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was the “Smart Basketball” by 94Fifty. With the basketball hoop being at the epicenter of epic games of H.O.R.S.E. or 1 on 1 on front driveways or backyard across the country, we couldn’t think of a cooler recreational innovation for the home.

The basketball from 94Fifty was named one of the top ’25 Inventions of the Year’ by Time, and is the only smart basketball for iOS and Android devices to help you improve shooting and ball handling skills. The basketball app that you download to your iPhone or Android device is beautifully designed and gives you real time actionable audio and visual feedback on your “J”. It’s like having your own personal coach telling you how you’re doing and how to get better. I personally would’ve spent hours practicing with my brothers if we had this when I was growing up.

If you’d like to see the 94Fifty basketball in action, take a look at our interview with CEO & Founder Michael Crowley.

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