Table Decor Ideas to Add Beauty to Your Home

Your kitchen and dining tables are a vital part of your decor — that’s where friends and family tend to congregate. At your next gathering, try out some of these table decor ideas, making your tables a destination for people to admire.

Kitchen and dining room tables, with their plain flat surfaces, can be boring. So why not spruce them up? The best table decor ideas not only take advantage of your tabletops to add some welcome touches to the decor — they also prevent the buildup of unwanted clutter like scattered mail and papers.

Layers and Height Add Visual Interest

A tabletop is like a blank canvas just ready to be adorned with table decor ideas.

  • Layering objects will add new interest and excitement.
  • Table runners and place mats can be used alone or layered upon a tablecloth.
  • For a small or round table, use one runner in the center.
  • Dress up square and rectangle tables with several runners running crosswise on either end, as well as the center.

Dress the table to be guest ready with lovely faux place settings.

  • At each seat, put a place mat on the table with an oversize ornamental dish.
  • Place a cloth napkin in a napkin holder upon the dish.
  • To complete the look, add a lovely stemmed glass sitting to the right of the dish.

Play with heights and colors. Candles or lovely floral arrangements can bring excitement to the center of your table.

  • For a large table, flank each side of the flowers with beautiful matching candle holders with tall candles.
  • Flowers not your thing? Then add some height and interest to the center using an eye-catching candelabra; alternately, try a grouping of three pillar candles at different heights sitting in a lovely dish filled with polished stones.

Great table decor ideas can create a conversation. Dress the table with photos in well-dressed frames mixed with the elegance of several candlesticks. If preparing for a formal dinner, use tiny frames inserted with the guest names at each place setting. These could also be a lovely parting gift to send company home with after a holiday party or another celebration.

Upcycle to Create Lovely Table Decor

Simply by repurposing items, you can transform your tabletops from ho-hum to designer showpieces. One person’s castoffs can become amazing decor just by using imagination and creativity. Have fun rediscovering unused items and turning them into table decor. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas.

  • Ugly ceramic pieces can be repainted white (or a color you love) to be placed as a new pretty centerpiece on a table.
  • Repurpose a large scarf into a beautiful new table covering. Layer a couple scarves for added visual interest.
  • Place a mirror inside a old decorative gilded frame and use it as a beautiful table tray.
  • Bend pieces of vintage silverware into circular rings to make unique napkin holders.
  • A page of sheet music can make a beautiful place mat to accentuate a table setting.

Enjoy thinking up new table decor ideas, and swap them out with each holiday or new season. Your kitchen and dining tables are a vital part of your decor — that’s where friends and family tend to congregate. At your next gathering, delight in showcasing new table decor in your NYC home, making your tables a destination for people to admire.

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