So, You Want to Be On Reality TV …

There are pros and cons to participating in reality-themed TV shows for real estate professionals.

There is no shortage of reality TV opportunities for real estate professionals these days, but how do you know your time will be valued in a way that wins you more business or gets your name out there as an expert on marketing properties?

To get you started on the right foot, we have compiled some pros and cons for those HGTV House Hunters, American Dream and similar reality TV show inquiries.

For all first-season television shows broadcasting on any channel, inform the public relations (PR) team immediately at Coldwell Banker wants to ensure that any new show is reviewed thoroughly so that agents affiliated with the company are presented in the most favorable light possible.


Like anything else, there are pros to participating in reality-themed TV shows for real estate professionals:

  • It is a good opportunity to do a TV segment and see how a film crew operates.
  • The experience can be added to your resume.
  • Count this as a chance to earn your chops with a broadcast interview / speaking experience.
  • It provides additional proof that you are a local market real estate expert.
  • You can notify your sphere of influence about your involvement and airing of the show.
    • Keep in mind that production companies will provide specific language and timing that must be adhered to when publicizing the show. You will need to follow their instructions on how to describe the episode and when you can tell the public.


Just as there are pros, there are also cons that may have you swayed to forego participation in the reality show:

  • It may cost money to be included or promote your involvement. Always ask if this is “pay for play.”
  • The show may only list the brokerage in the credits and they may opt to not show any signage for the brand with your name.
  • It takes some time for the filming with a result that is just a few minutes or less on air.
    • You may spend two workdays at the film site and only be on camera for a minute or two out of the 30-minute segment.
  • The show may air months after it is filmed and the property may be off-market.
  • Typically, only the agent’s first name is mentioned on camera and they may not add your full name or brokerage name to the screen as an identifier.

Why Contact PR?

It is  important for your Coldwell Banker PR contact to know about the reality TV taping in advance. Why?

  • Company policy does not typically allow for participation in the first season of any TV show.
    • Until the first season is aired, it is hard to know how the participants will be described or edited. The company wants to be sure that agents are represented favorably with no repercussions to anyone’s reputation.
  • PR pros can vet the outlet to be sure it is on the “up and up.”
    • Some companies may try to get you to sign up for something that is costing you money to participate, which is not a reputable opportunity.
  • The PR team can find out the format of the show and what questions they intend to ask.
  • The PR team will provide agents with interview tips and techniques to ensure you are prepared in advance of the taping.
  • If the crew is asking to film at a Coldwell Banker office, PR can work with local leadership to obtain permission from the landlord and ensure the brand’s logos are used properly.
  • Prior to the airing of the show, PR can loop in the Coldwell Banker social media team to let people know about the air date and time.
  • Following the airing of the show, PR can provide the social media team with the TV segment link and information as a follow-up post to the company’s social media platforms.
  • Being on a show does not guarantee publicity of the actual participation.
    • In years past, some local media outlets might have covered a local real estate agent appearing on an upcoming TV show in the press. Most of the time, this is no longer a practice for media outlets. However, there are other avenues to publicizing your reality TV show appearances and the PR team is best suited to walk you through the process.

Next time you get a call from a TV producer or learn of a reality TV show looking to interview a real estate pro, send information on the show, production company, producer’s name and contact information, the timing of taping and air date, and any other pertinent information to:

It is important to reach out first to the Coldwell Banker public relations team so you can be prepared and given the right tools to make the experience a positive one!

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