Staying Safe and Comfortable at Home With Honeywell

Making your home “smart” doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. Here’s a look at some new Honeywell devices and how they make it easy and affordable to jump into making your house a smart home.

Our homes should be the most comfortable, safe and secure places in our world, and Honeywell’s mission at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was to help give us that with their suite of security, home comfort and alerting products.

Many homeowners are interested in making their homes “smart”, but they are often turned off by the thought of purchasing complicated and expensive  products that cost a lot of money. Honeywell has a remedy for that.

“Honeywell has taken a modular look at it, where you don’t have to invest in everything right up front. We really want to offer products to customers that they can buy at their own pace, and products they see value in at the right time for them. That’s really what we see as the smart home solution. “

– Mike Bruce, Product Marketing Manager at Honeywell

Given Honeywell’s “a la carte” approach to smart home tech, where should someone start? A good starter product that’ll give you that bang for your buck is their newly launched Lyric second generation thermostat. The wifi enabled thermostat can be controlled remotely via an app and uses geofence technology to set your temperatures back while you’re away and up at your desired time so you return to a comfortable space.

Once you’re up and running with their smart thermostat, you can graduate to other functional devices like their water, leak and freeze detector. This newly announced detector sends you a message whenever something is out of the norm – whether it be around your washing machine, refrigerator or heating system. Side note: I could have seriously used something like this a few months ago!

The Lyric smart thermostat can be found online or at your local Best Buy, Home Depot or Loews for $249.99. Their water, leak and freeze detector will be available soon, with an anticipated launch during the first half of 2016.

Take a look at the full interview from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show below. Alexandra Filiaci’s conversation with Honeywell’s Mike Bruce touches on even more great topics, like the perceived benefits of “smart communities”.

We spoke to the top experts in the smart home space during this year’ s CES. Visit for all our coverage from the world’s biggest tech conference.

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